Cherry MC 4900 mouse has a built-in fingerprint reader

The high-end office peripheral manufacturer Cherry, has just introduced its new Cherry MC 4900 mouse. A new mouse model that, in addition to the three traditional buttons, also incorporates a fingerprint reader integrated into the body of the mouse. In this way, the mouse becomes compatible with devices that use Windows Hello.

Windows Hello is one of the many ways to identify a user who uses Windows 10. It is probably the fastest way to verify a person’s identity, since they can use either video cameras, retinal scanners or fingerprint readers. Possibly for this reason, it is a way to authenticate that is more widespread between certain laptops and tablets that incorporate a fingerprint reader or a video camera.

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But what happens when it comes to a desktop computer? Well, not all video cameras can serve as retinal scanners or simply to recognize a person. For example, most helmets intended for use with mixed reality applications do have this feature. So, if we wanted to use it on our computer, we can only use a fingerprint reader. And it is at this point where the Cherry MC 4900 can be very useful.

The main feature of the new Cherry MC 4900 is the CrossCatch TouchChip TCS2 sensor integrated with capacitive sensing technology. This makes the mouse especially suitable for work stations that use different users within a company, government agency or institution. The fingerprint is used for secure and fast authentication, either through ‘single sign-on’ (single registration) or several stages of login in the appropriate software.

Thanks to a 1.8 meter long USB cable and Plug & Play functionality, the MC 4900 does not require additional software when connected to a computer. And the integrated fingerprint sensor provides full compatibility with Windows Hello. This means that users can log in easily and safely on devices with Windows 10 with their fingerprint, without the need for a password. The optional SDK offers the possibility to implement additional software functions. This new Cherry mouse is already on sale at a price of € 110.


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