Xiaomi QiCYCLE XC650 Smart mountain bike has been launched

Xiaomi company do not seem to end up with ideas regarding new product lines and the last thing is the ones that go smoothly. If they already had scooter and electric folding bike , now it’s time for the Xiaomi Qicycle XC650 that is a smart mountain bike.

Xiaomi is well-known for its smartphones, but in the Western world it is gradually becoming famous for its products related to smart home. The Asian technology giant is practically a very complete institution due to the diverse products it offers in multiple categories, ranging from casseroles to portable devices. However, the most important thing is what concerns us today, your new mountain bike, do you want to know it a bit?

The characteristics remind us of that folding QiCycle R1, also with design and minimalist finishes, but being cheaper than the first QiCycle R1 we saw last year. What is striking in fact is that as the first the XC650 is also “smart”, so let’s see how they apply it this time.

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 1650 x x235 x 785 millimeters
LOAD SUPPORTED 110 kilograms
PICTURE Aluminum
SUSPENSION Front lockable
CHANGE Eleven speeds
TIRE 27.5 x 1.95 centimeters
BATTERY 2,600 mAh
AUTONOMY 15 days (two daily hours of use)
LOADING TIME 4 hours (5 volts / 1 amp)
LOCATION LBS + GPS + AGPS, error of 5-10 meters
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The Xiaomi QiCYCLE XC650 smart road bike comes with dimensions of 155 x 178 cm. Its frame is made of aluminum and uses a hidden tube design that has been passed through the one piece flat welding process. The overall appearance is minimalist, as is the custom in Xiaomi products. Like its predecessor, it comes with an 11-speed transmission system. The mechanical parts have not changed much since it still uses the gearbox of the Mi Qicycle 11, the front and rear hydraulic Shimano brake system and the hydraulic front telescopic fork.

One of the characteristics to stand out of the Qicycle XC650 is the system of transmission of a single disc with eleven speeds , unlike the most traditional system of double plate. In this way it has a more efficient, durable change (since it also has wide teeth that adapt better to change) and compact, allowing one-handed operation.

Qicycle 05

The minimalismo see it for example in the internalization of brake cables (Shimano, hydraulic), but as we see the finished generally are smooth, no frills and fair logos, having moment one color (gray lead). With an aluminum frame, the suspension on the other hand is provided by a lockable front system.

Qicycle 07

As we are dealing with a Xiaomi product , it is quite reasonable to find something “smart”. This bike comes with a built-in LBS (location-based services) that uses GPS / AGPS to determine where it is located. In this way, if needed, it will be useful to recover it at any time. On the other hand, it supports the positioning of triple precision LBS + GPS + AGPS, as well as the upload of the driving data to the cloud.

Qicycle 08

Qicycle 09

Qicycle 06

But in addition to wheels, brakes and other common elements is “intelligence”, which is given by a positioning system that combines LBS, GPS and AGPS. System that allows to register the routes (with a margin of error of between 5 and 10 meters) and let us know if the bike moves away from our mobile, as well as knowing where it is if it is stolen or lost. And like other products in the house it also has its own app.

Qicycle 03

The above mentioned will serve us if the bicycle is ever lost or stolen. You can also follow the route and perform analyzes related to performance and speed. In addition, it allows us to establish the maximum route to avoid exceeding the daily limit. To make matters worse, the application warns when the bicycle is within a radius of the set distance.

For the supply of energy of these systems the bike has a battery of 2,600 milliamps / hour , giving an approximate autonomy of 15 days according to the manufacturer. Battery that charges well with an electrical outlet or with an external battery, taking about four hours (at 5 volts / 1 ampere), but that is not in itself a source of charge.

Qicycle 04

Xiaomi Qicycle XC650, availability and price

As we said, the Xiaomi QiCYCLE XC650 is a smart bike with a very affordable price. Although it must be emphasized that the QiCYCLE R1 has been the pioneer in the niche. Remember that it will have a value of only 2199 yuan ( $333 ), which is a much lower cost than its predecessor. And, any interesting for Xiaomi EUNI ES808?

Buy Xiaomi QICYCLE XC650 at Gearbest.com for $1203.71


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