Several advantages show that why you need Cubot F1

In the era of mobile internet, the sales of smart watches soared and they became more and more popular in people’s daily life. Today we’ll talk about Cubot F1, it has several advantages that might be a little different from those common smart watches.

1. Some smart watches are only clearly to view in doors, but Cubot F1 uses a high-quality 1.2-inch LCD screen, covered with mineral crystal glass, which ensures a clear view of the screen even in the sunlight. Of course ,when you are in night dark, you light the screen, it will be visible.

2. The speed and accuracy of heart rate tests of common conventional chips are lower ,but Cubot F1 equipped with a professional chip, it can achieved real-time heart rate measurement and high accuracy ,meanwhile, there are five colors of indicator to show different heart rate Status.

3. Text message readable. Cubot F1 has a built-in memory chip which stores 10 messages in the watch and you can view full-text messages or incoming calls messages.

4. Customized Sports: The study shows that if you want to achieve the perfect health effects and fat reduction, the most reasonable daily exercise is around 40 minutes, it’s not good to be longer. Cubot F1 has time setting ,it will remind you when the time is up an you could run without a phone.

In addition to the above advantages, the built-in six-axis sensor allows F1 to accurately recognize the motion status and record the motion data without a phone. 240mAh battery capacity will be available for 2-3 days for heavy users.

In general, Cubot F1 is a smart watch, whether it is a circular dial design, or its smart chip, text messages readable, all the functions behave thoughtfully.

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