Xiaomi Multi-function U-shaped Massage Neck Pillow use coupon for $25.99

Maybe a lot of people think that Xiaomi wants to make us addicted to technology, but we could also think that he wants to make our lives easier. And is that this great brand does not stop constantly surprising us with its articles full of features and incredible features. This time we present the Xiaomi Multi-function U-shaped Massage, a relaxing and magnificent massage pillow for the neck. This will help you get rid of the stress and fatigue that can accumulate in your shoulders after a long day of work. If on the contrary, you are looking for another type of massager, we recommend you to Xiaomi Mi Home Electrical TENS. Now, back to our pad, we bring you an offer from Gearbest that includes an additional discount coupon. What are you waiting for?

This pillow is made of 300g of natural Thai latex particles. In addition, it is almost exclusively for the neck due to its U shape that will conform to anyone’s and will offer much comfort. As if that were not enough, it is quite soft and relaxing. It has been designed to be very ergonomic, by providing the right amount of thickness and lint. For all these reasons and more, it will become your perfect travel companion no matter where you go, as it provides excellent support for your head and neck. Also, you can relax before sleep, by relaxing the neck and reducing the pressure in the muscles, promoting better sleep quality.

Xiaomi Multi-function U-shaped Massage Neck Pillow for Home Office Travel

Main Features
● Massage function helps you relax well and release pressure
● 300g Thai natural latex particles, taking the initiative to adapt to your neck, hands, waist, legs
● Pillowcase with Swedish antibacterial agent, effectively inhibits fungi and bacteria
● Double interior design makes it hard to stain yet easy to clean
● Lightweight, extremely easy to carry around
● Multi-functional use, can help support the neck, used as seat waist cushions, can be laid on the desktop as a pad

● Power supply: 2 x AA battery ( included )
● Power: 1.4W ( max )
● Revolutions per minute ( RPM ): 6000
● Noise: 45dB ( max )

If you are interested in acquiring the Xiaomi Multi-function U-shaped Massage, we invite you to enter the Gearbest online store. Here you will find a great 15%, which lasts a few days and has few items available! We also give you a discount coupon so you can get it much cheaper. To make your shopping experience faster and easier, below we leave you the direct link to the page and the code. The original price is $29.99.

Buy it at Gearbest.com for $24.99 use coupon XMLFPL

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