Teclast P10 Review

First of all, I want to thank one of the best mall in China: Gearbest, They gave me this Teclast P10 tablet for testing. Four months ago, I wrote an exposure story about the Teclast P10. Okay, let‘s Go, In my Teclast P10 review, you will learn how good the 10 inch China Tablet with Android Nougat and FullHD Display really is for $119.99.

Teclast P10 review

Design and Processing

From a cheap tablet pc, I usually expect a cheap plastic case. But in this point, the Teclast P10 even stands out from much more expensive tablets. In fact, the housing is almost entirely made of aluminum. Only at the top there is a plastic cover for the antennas and the frame around the display is made of plastic. The workmanship is pretty good. Yes, the Teclast P10 feels surprisingly high quality and is sturdily built. Not as valuable as an iPad Pro – but better than the much more expensive Amazon Fire HD 10. The processing is so great, but it is comparatively thick at 9.9 millimeters. In addition, it is relatively heavy – it weighs 524 g.

Connections, cameras, speakers

Teclast P10 connections

As usual with such inexpensive tablets, the Teclast P10 does not have a USB Type C connector. Instead, it is charged via a normal microUSB port. Something strange is that there is another power supply connection – a corresponding power supply is not included in the delivery. But it is important: It can be charged via microUSB. For optional memory expansion, there is a card slot for microSD memory cards. A normal 3.5 millimeter jack is also available.

On the back sits a main camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The front camera offers a 2 megapixel resolution. Both cameras are not really good – I would not do Instagram selfies with them. The quality is pretty weak – that’s the case with pretty much all cheap tablets.

Teclast has donated two speakers to the P10 on the sides. The speakers are still just so usable – but only just so. If you turn up the volume, the sound sounds pretty scratchy. In an emergency, you can watch quite a few YouTube videos. But I would only hear music with headphones or external speakers.


Teclast P10 test

It is nice that the Teclast P10’s 10.1-inch display has a FullHD resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. That’s great compared to the competition. Even more expensive tablets like the Huawei MediaPad T3 10 only have an HD display.

There is a gap of about 2 millimeters between the touch screen and the IPS panel. That is comparatively much. This is very common with cheap devices. Still, that’s not ideal, because that’s how the screen reflects.

At the price, I still think the display is very good. The resolution is high, colors are rendered beautifully and the contrast is good. It’s not the brightest display, but as long as you sit in the shade, you can work with it outside. Thanks to the pretty well implemented display, I enjoyed watching Netflix and YouTube.

Hardware and Performance

Teclast P10 benchmarks

A Rockchip RK3368 works under the hood. Although this is an unknown processor, but it is after all an octa-core chip. The eight cores clock with up to 1.5GHz. There are 2GB RAM and a 32GB internal memory.

The performance of the Rockchip processor is fine for most applications. I was good at watching movies, surfing the internet with Chrome, and working with Microsoft Word. However, it is not the best multitasking tablet. If you switch quickly between apps, it always comes back to a sweat. Even if you have many tabs open in Chrome, it can always come back to smaller stuttering.

It is not the fastest tablet, but I could use it well in everyday life. This is also reflected in the benchmarks. In Geekbench 4, the results are around 550 and 1800 points, just below those of a Snapdragon 425. With AnTuTu, however, the Teclast P10 is slightly above 45,000 points.

Game Test

In fact, I was able to play Modern Combat 5 surprisingly smoothly on the tablet. The graphics are screwed far down and there are always smaller stuttering. But overall you can certainly play Modern Combat 5. Partly significantly more expensive competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (test) or Lenovo Tab4 8 (test) can not do that.

Other games like Asphalt 8 Airborne can also be played solidly. But here too, the graphics are screwed all the way down. In fact, Asphalt 8 Airbrone looks a bit better on Snapdragon 425 tablets like the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 – so on the Teclast P10 water effects are not displayed. That should also be due to the comparatively high FullHD resolution.

Somewhat strange is that Asphalt Xtreme does not work at all. Usually you can play it on almost all tablets. But here the game crashes at the start. That must be Teclast, because even the higher-quality Teclast Master T10 can not start Asphalt Xtreme. I also could not play NOVA Legacy properly. Although the game starts perfectly, but you only see … green. It seems to me, as textures are not loaded. Other games like Into The Dead 2 are again reasonably smooth, but again only with the lowest graphics settings.

As you can see, on the Teclast P10 you can play a game or two. Everyone is not doing well.


Teclast P10 with keyboard

Additional features include WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.0. But I have found minor problems with both. The Wi-Fi reception is not always very good. When I’m one or two rooms away from the router, sometimes everything runs smoothly. But sometimes a page does not load properly on the Google Play Store or on YouTube. You can always reload and that works too. Still, that’s not optimal.

Running a video first, it was always on without interruptions. Even in the Chrome browser, the Internet was always fast. But if you live in a big house and have connectivity issues with other devices, the Teclast P10 will probably be worse and not better.

The Bluetooth connection is also not always optimal. I use all my tablets with a Bluetooth keyboard, a Bluetooth GamePad and a Bluetooth speaker. For the most part I was able to connect and use all three without any problems. But there are always interruptions – estimated once per hour. The tablet automatically reconnects, but the connection is interrupted for a few seconds every now and then.


On the Teclast P10 runs Android 7.1.2 Nougat, so a fairly current version. It’s just about standard Google Android – including the Play Store and Google apps. It is nice that the surface is not strongly adapted. That’s great. However, I do not expect there will ever be an update to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Like I said, it’s vanilla Android and it works very well. I do not have too much to say about the software. All the standard features of Android work. This includes the multi-window mode, with which you can open two apps directly next to each other.

Strangely, the Play Store indicates that Netflix is ​​not supported. I’ve had that on an Android tablet and it may be because Google thinks the tablet is rooted or does not support Google’s DRM policies. But for such cases, there is an APK in the support area of ​​Netflix, which you can download and install. That works too and Netflix works the same as on other tablets.

Battery life

Teclast P10 battery life

Many cheap China tablets save on the battery – so here too. In my battery test came the Teclast P10 with its 5200mAh battery for a period of 6 hours and 30 minutes. That’s pretty little. For my battery test, I always run an HD video at 50% brightness and enabled Wi-Fi in an infinite loop.

Even in real use, the battery does not last very long. According to my battery diary, the battery lasted for 18 hours. During that time, however, I only actively used it for 4 hours and 20 minutes. The display brightness varied between 50 and 100 percent and WLAN and Bluetooth were switched on continuously. I mainly watched YouTube and surfed the internet with Chrome.


Teclast P10 with metal housing

So, can I recommend the Teclast P10? It offers for the price really good workmanship, a fancy display and quite current software. The performance is also sufficient, and for the price even pretty good. Remember, it’s a 100 Euro tablet and definitely not a gaming tablet. But one or the other game can be played with it.

Negative I noticed mainly the battery life. At 100% brightness you can watch a maximum of 4 hours of YouTube. In addition, the wireless reception is not always perfect. If you live in a big house, you may have to struggle with connection problems.

Buy Teclast P10 at Gearbest.com for $119.99


Again for the price - it costs just under $120. This makes it one of the cheapest tablets ever. That there is a usable performance and a comparatively good display at this price, I think great. If you are just surfing the internet or watching videos with a tablet and do not want to spend more, you should be satisfied with the Teclast P10. For only $119.99, there is no better 10 inch tablet in my opinion.

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