Huion GT – 190 19 Inch Drawing Tablet PC for $379.99 use coupon

Huion GT - 190 Drawing Tablet

The Huion GT 190 is the affordable alternative to the expensive drawing trays from Wacom. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a graphics tablet and still want to achieve good editing results, then this drawing tablet is just right.

In my tablet comparison, the Huion GT 190 was a very reliable and affordable pen display for beginners and hobbyists. It should be mentioned that this is not a real graphics tablet, but rather a graphics monitor. The GT 190 is a kind of second screen that can be operated with a pen.

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Huion GT - 190 Drawing TabletHuion GT - 190 Drawing Tablet

The retouching of photos or the use of graphics programs in general like Gimp, Photoshop, sketchbook, etc. works flawlessly. It is important to note that the supplied CD contains a driver, but you should download the latest version of the driver from the Huion homepage, so that all functionalities are guaranteed.

For this price category, the size of the display is very remarkable. While the competition offers small displays at this price, this graphics monitor has a diagonal of 18.4 inches (about 46 cm). Special mention should also be made of the supplied accessories, which include a glove, a second pin and a VGA cable. In addition, the extremely robust and beautiful design of the Huion GT 190 is very remarkable.

Huion GT - 190 Drawing Tablet

So you do not get cheap goods. But some drawbacks brings the graphics monitor with it. First, the display is an LCD. This means that when you change the angle of view on the tablet, the contrast and the colors look different than they actually are. When backlighting the LCD display also reacts with enormous reflection. (However, this effect can be counteracted quickly with an anti-reflection film or an attachment).


As a professional drawing tablet, the Huion GT – 190 interactive digital graphic will give. Using the 19 inch IPS screen, it could give you more broad viewing angle. 2048-level high-pressure sensitivity makes you draw the more smooth line. Easy to operate, whether you are a novice or veteran. It has the advantage of energy conservation and considerate design.



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