Discover the iRobot Jet 244 Mopping Robot Automatic Home Cleaner

Have you ever dreamed of buying a smart vacuum cleaner? It is clear, that the price of first may pull us back a little. In fact, I have introduced a lot of Xiaomi sweeping robot. However, that feeling of not having to vacuum or wash the floor anymore is really tempting. That’s why we want to talk about the iRobot Jet 244 Mopping Robot Automatic Home Cleaner.

iRobot Jet 244 Mopping Robot

What is special about this type of cleaning robots? They allow you to replace the usual conventional vacuum cleaner with a robot that will clean your house. You can program it from your device to do the cleaning for you. If you want to know more about its features and price, read on:

iRobot Jet 244 Features

With the iRobot Jet 244 the floor of your house will not be dirty again. It works alone and is completely automatic, since it comes with a vibrating cleaning head and a water nozzle, so that the cleaning is complete. It is not a simple vacuum cleaner, because it is capable of completely scrubbing the floor so it is shiny. Through one of the nozzles, release the water to spray the area that is found in its path and then apply the detergent through its pads.

Among its main features we highlight:

  • Remote control from the app. You can send the orders to your cleaning robot from the application itself, you will not have to do anything else. You will only have to program it.
  • Three different modes. Dry sweeping, wet sweeping and “mop” mode. Each mode has its own pad, so based on your needs you will have to choose one thing or another. In this way, you can have the floor as clean as you want.
  • Intelligent sensors. Through the smart sensors you will not have to worry, your iRobot Je 244 will be far from stairs, carpets and any obstacle. You can detect it to get away in time, so that’s why you do not worry. It is important that you set aside everything you can to make the cleaning as complete as possible, but that depends on you. It also comes with fall arrest and anti collision.

It is recommended for different types of floor. It does not matter if it’s wood, tiles, platelet, etc. It is totally valid and recommended, because the floor of your house will always be shiny, without dirt. It’s great, but we also want you to know the mop of the associated manufacturer of Xiaomi because it does not have any waste either. In addition, we have mention it in the previous article.

The Prcice of iRobot Jet 244?

The price of the iRobot Jet 244 Mopping is $246.65 on GearBest. It is the launch price, which does not mean that it ends up falling somewhat with the passage of time. But it is important to be aware of the offers because it is very tempting. Also, mention that it is in pre-purchase from November 23 until January 14.

It is very worth it if you want to have the floor of your house clean without having to do anything. You just have to program your cleaning robot and that’s it. Paying once will have your house clean for life! Buy it now:

Buy iRobot Jet 244 at for $246.65


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