DWi Dowellin D1 RC Quadcopter with coupon @Rcmoment

This DWI Dowellin D1 Wifi drone is super cool. Just take a look, you will be amazed. It is a tiny size and has a height hold function to give you a better flight experience. It has a self-integrated propeller protector ring around the hull to protect it from falling and falling on the ground. What’s more, with the wifi FPV transmission system and the 0.3 megapixel camera, you can take beautiful photos and videos in real time.

The Dowellin D1 DWI is a super unique in its mini size. It is mini and light enough to fit literally anywhere! It can make a 360-degree turn and the integrated 6-axis gyroscope, the FPV wireless transmission system and the 0.3MP camera can help you take beautiful photos and videos in real time. A good gift for your children or friends.

DWI Dowellin D1 Drone has a beautiful look makes the drone attractive, sleeker, with no added scrap and has a nice color scheme of blue & white, it is also made of ABS and metal electronic components like another drone. DWI Dowellin D1 Drone Integrated Protector Ring Optics make the drone more attractive and unique. Ring-shaped protective frame construction, effectively reduces the impact of falling aircraft damage, better protects the propellers and engines. Small aircraft, suitable for indoor and outdoor flights; colorful lighting for day and night can fly very bright; no assembly, ready to fly. It weighs only 24g and has the dimensions 98 * 98 * 98 * 27mm. It also comes with a propeller guard to protect the propellers. The duration of the 3.7V 200mAh Lipo battery is about 5 minutes. Ideal for beginners level and should be used for children over 14 years.

DWI Dowellin D1 Drone comes with WIFI-enabled FPV camera (0.3MP), which is mounted on the aircraft to transmit the live video to the pilot on the ground, so that the pilot flies the plane as if he / she is aboard the aircraft instead of looking at it from the actual ground position of the pilot. Mini-drone has 4 Channel Channel Up / Down, Forward / Backward, Left / Right, Left / Right Rotation, 360 ° Flips, and Scroll, Headless Mode, One Button Back, Throw to Fly etc. In the Treble Mode, this retains Aircraft maintain a constant altitude, while roll, pitch and yaw can be controlled normally. DWI Dowellin D1 Drone has 3-speed mode flying function high, medium and low speed self-tuning, fit for beginners, advanced and expert, indoor choose a low gear, outdoor gear for high speed, depending on the choice of environment. DWI’s Dowellin D1 Drone, equipped with a high-performance battery and powerful engines, allows the helicopter to fly much longer and more efficiently, with a battery protection module to protect the battery.


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