SOOCOO S300 Sports Camera with Gyroscope Anti-shake

Multifunctional action camera allows you to playback functions such as loop recording, gyroscope, WDR, time lapse, motion detection, slow motion, slow motion, dive mode, night recording, self-timer, burst, anti-shaking, CAR ACC also 5x zoom and HDMI output Etc.

The relatively interesting Soocoo S300 Sports Action Camera has not missed us thanks to its low price and great features. Although the design is not the nicest bit, it will fix the HW part, we can look forward to the Sony IMX377, read below and look at the details of the Soocoo S300 Sports Action Camera.

SOOCOO S300 Parameter

  • 2.35 inch Touch Screen
    Voice Control, Remote Control
    External Microphone
    DSP: Hisilicon 3559
    Sensor: SONY IMX 377
    Built-in: WIFI, Gyro, Red Light Compensation
    Power: 1250mAh, 3.8V Li-ion
    Waterproof: 30m

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The design of the Soocoo S300 4K Sport Action camera is very amazing, it has beautiful edges corners on the front flash and beautiful lens on the back of the camera rear is equipped with a 2.35 inch touch screen and is protected by Gorilla Glass resistant glass, which allows you to easily program and record your shots, on the right side of the camera’s charging port and on the right side of the camera 2 buttons for controlling the camera’s screen.

In addition to the 12 MPx sensor, the Sony IMX377 has a processor called Hisilicon Hi3559v100 and the camera can record 4K / 30 fps. Sure enough to enjoy slow motion with a FullHD resolution of 120 fps, the turn-on angle is 170 ° and the lens’s luminance is f / 2.4. The gyroscopic stabilization ensures smooth shots and can be used up to 2.7K. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide wireless connectivity. For example, Bluetooth can be used with the included remote control. An external microphone or GPS module designed for extreme environments and conditions can also be connected to the camera. Portable + Mountable: Enables immersive introspection during your favorite activities. Ideal for water sports such as swimming, drifting, surfing, snorkeling etc. Soocoo S300 Sports Action Camera comes along with tons of freely mountable design accessories, you can convert it to fit various indoor and outdoor extreme activities. 1250mAh, 3.8V lithium-ion battery that can charge in 1 and a half hours and can give you 45 minutes of recording time.

So if you want to buy Soocoo S300 Sport Action Camera is available on Gearbest just at $144.48 using Coupon Code: GBCE


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