Hubsan H507A Quadrocopter Review

The Chinese manufacturer Hubsan is launching the H507A, a new quadrocopter with GPS functions, which can be controlled mainly via smartphone. Sounds interesting, and so we take a look at the camera drone.

Dimensions 22.5 x 22.5 x 6.0cm
Weight 162.0 g
Battery / endurance 550 mAh / 10 minutes
Charging time About 90 minutes
Camera 720p

Control and features

Contrary to our original assumption, the H507A can also be operated by remote control, which is not included. Instead, one will first resort to the smartphone. This works as usual via WiFi and a separate app. It can then control all functions and features that a remote control would offer – and even a little more. The existing GPS support enables the drone to be given waypoints, for example, to circle around a fixed location or to follow a moving person in “follow me” mode. It can be filmed with the built-in 720p camera and supposedly beautiful aerial photographs are made.

To the app directly a note: On almost all Android devices (and we’ve tested some), the app works only if you change the language of the phone in English. With German as a set language, the app either does not start or is immediately terminated with an error message again. On iOS, the problem did not occur. Once started, the app works but as usual.

Some of the features are already shown in TomTop’s video. As expected, the H507A also has Altitude Hold and the most common functions One-Key-TakeOff and -Landing. To German: The drone takes off and lands at the touch of a button and then independently holds the altitude, and thanks to the GPS also the horizontal position. If the battery is in danger of losing energy, the Hubsan will automatically return to the pilot and land; the same happens if the connection should break off.

Hubsan H507A: Selfie & Video Drone?

In the shops is also the name “Selfie drone”, which suggests a similarity to drones like the Zerotech Dobby or Elfie. However, one has to keep in mind that a video resolution of 720p for cameras corresponds to an image resolution of 1MP (megapixel), which is hardly enough for high-quality photos. For comparison: Dobby makes with his 4K camera photos with 13MP resolution. Although the small selfie drone also costs three times as much, the term “selfie drone” I simply expect the ability to take beautiful photos.

Hubsan H507A camera

Even with the video transmission via WiFi, I am unfortunately skeptical. Experience has shown that the range of the transmission is not particularly high, and even in the commercial (!) – Video you can clearly see how the image of the transmission hooks and jerky. I can not believe that the range of the drone should be 100m as stated, and the transmission of the video should break down long before. But I like to be pleasantly surprised. For additional range should provide a so-called Relay, which can be connected to the smartphone. This is not the drone, however.

Fly me to the moon – GPS and the range

Rather, it looks like the drone should autonomously fly off GPS coordinates. In the app, the range is specified with 1500m, and here you can say goodbye to the thought that would have anything to do with Wi-Fi. So far, I only used the H507A in closed rooms, so I can give it my experience.

Hubsan H507A battery

The connection with the smartphone works without problems, and once you have changed the language to English, the app works fine. First, the drone is calibrated manually, which is done in under a minute. An attempt is then made to capture the position via GPS, which, as expected, does not really work in buildings. You can still start by simply clicking away the warning, but only by auto-start, then you can manually adjust the altitude.

It can be controlled well even without remote control, but unfortunately our model is very distorted backwards and a constant correction is inevitable. Also ugly: If you want to land by pressing a button, also pops up a GPS warning message, which unfortunately disables the control. If you do not close the message fast enough, the drone does what it wants in the meantime, which has already caused me two crashes (which, however, have remained inconsequential for the drone).

Buy HUBSAN H507A at for $79.99


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