Somnox robotic pillow will improve your sleep

You hear again and again that an adult person needs about seven to eight hours of sleep per night to be well rested and fit the next day. What sounds so simple in theory, however, can be much harder to implement in practice. Exactly when sleep is especially needed, falling asleep or sleeping through often does not work, which further aggravates the problem. With Somnox, Kickstarter is the first robot in the form of a pillow to help improve sleep quality.

Somnox 1

Somnox comes in the form of an oval pillow, which of course is filled with all sorts of technology that should help to improve the quality of sleep. When sleeping, the quality is often more crucial than the duration. If you roll yourself around in bed for ten hours, you will most likely feel less rested than someone who has slept well for five hours.

Improved sleep quality through a variety of features

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. A good night’s sleep is important for the body to perform well during the day: enough high-quality sleep helps maintain mental and physical health and improve the quality of life. For this reason, Somnox was developed to make the sleep of the user as restful as possible.

Somnox 2

To accomplish this, the pillow moves easily in use as if it were breathing itself, thereby regulating the user’s breath. This gradually adapts to the rhythm of the pillow, which reduces stress and anxiety. In addition, Somnox has speakers that can reproduce the sound of a heartbeat, a guided meditation, lullabies or even your own audio files. These features help you fall asleep faster, leaving more time for sleep altogether . In addition, they should improve the quality of sleep and in the morning you will wake up on request by gentle movements and sounds of Somnox.

Thanks Somnox for a better sleep, even without medication

It was important to the inventors of Somnox to develop a device that could increase sleep quality without being addictive , as is the case with many medications. So Somnox was born, which should lead to a more restful sleep without any side effects. The soft fabric cover by Somnox, which of course can be washed if necessary , contributes to the pleasant use of the product.


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