Umidigi S2 Pro Short Review

The Umi S2 Pro is the latest marketing gag from the dream factory Umidigi. After the Edge-less smartphone Umidigi Crystal was based on the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the Umidigi S2 Pro is now more of a Samsung Galaxy S8 clone. Inside, a Helio P25 processor works, supported by 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. There is also a large 5100mAh battery. Obviously, The Umidigi S2 Pro take the high road……

Design & Display

According to the first product renderings, the Umidigi S2 Pro has an appealing design. Once again, the smartphone as well as the iPhone comes out in a version in bright red color. The case is made entirely of metal and has a dual camera on the back, an LED flash and a fingerprint sensor. The back is not removable. Two SIM cards and a MicroSD for memory expansion can be accommodated in a side slot. The front is allegedly almost only display, only a very thin edge is still under this. Soft-touch buttons are therefore not available and the smartphone is operated with on-screen buttons.

The display is made with 6 inches for users who like it big. The resolution corresponds to 1080*2160 pixels FullHD and should ensure a sufficiently sharp picture. The display glass is slightly rounded at the sides. In addition, Corning Gorilla glass is used to protect against scratches.


The processor is a Helio P25 Octa-core processor to be installed. This mid-range CPU provides good speed when using multimedia and the basic functions. Even 3D gaming is possible with a few small restrictions. For a smartphone under $200, the chip is completely appropriate. Umidigi will sell the smartphone according to first announcements, however, for about $300, which one can call the S2 Pro quite under powered. The storage equipment should be 6 / 64GB and thus convinces even with such a high selling price. With a 6GB of memory, the phone will have good multitasking capability, and the 64GB of storage will provide enough capacity for most users. It is questionable whether faster USF 2.0 memory is used.


Not much is known about the cameras of the Umidigi S2 Pro. It is clear that on the back of a 13 megapixel camera from Samsung and another 5 megapixel camera are. Which sensors are installed, the manufacturer does not specify. Umidigi follows, as many manufacturers currently, the dual-camera trend. In practice, no added value is expected from the dual-camera setup. So far, none of the small manufacturers has gotten a really useful dual camera. Whether the quality can convince with normal recordings, will be shown in the test report.


In any case, it is gratifying that Umidigi will equip the S2 Pro with a large 5100mAh battery. In view of the large 6-inch display, the mobile phone also needs a decent amount of energy reserves to get through the day. How good the run time will be in the end, we can only judge after a test of the mobile phone. Thanks to the 5100mAh, however, one day should be easily possible with intensive use.

Our opinion

Umidigi is known for beating the mark with premium smartphones. What comes out in retrospect, usually has as much in common with the promised product as McDonald’s burger on the poster with the food in the cardboard box. Nevertheless, the smartphones arouse a lot of attention each time. The same is probably true for the Umidigi S2 Pro, because hardware and design sound like a promising device. How good this will be in the end, is still in the stars. We will keep an eye on the Umidigi S2 Pro and tell you more about the phone after the launch in a review. Before that, however, the long-awaited Umidigi Crystal is also on the program …

Umidigi S2 Pro Price

Now, I find this phone will be first sold at Gearbest for $299.99, and the original price is $319.

Buy Umidigi S2 Pro at for $299.99


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