Xiaomi Mi Cube Smart Controller Review

With the Xiaomi Mi Cube Smart Controller you can intuitively control up to six functions of your Smart Home. The modern designed cube has six memory slots and is controlled by simple gestures: shaking, a 90, a 180 or a 360 degree rotation, tapping and double-tapping. Only to be used in conjunction with the Xiaomi Smart Home Base Gateway.

Xiaomi Mi Cube Smart Controller

You want to set up an intelligent house and are still not sure which system is suitable? The concept developed by Xiaomi could convince you. Because the base station and extensions of the Chinese manufacturer are on the one hand affordable for the small budget. On the other hand, an outstanding price-performance ratio is offered. This not only applies to the base station, but also to the numerous extensions of the system. With these you can build your intelligent home gradually – and without any special knowledge or excessive investments. A smart home for everyone!

Stylish control of your Xiaomi Smart Home features

You’ve added many components to your Smart Home solution, but you do not always want to grab a smartphone or tablet to control each feature? The Xiaomi Mi Cube Smart Controller is an excellent recommendation for you. Because the practical gadget allows the control of six different functions. And that without buttons or switches.

Xiaomi Magic Cube – Intuitive and individualized

The Xiaomi Mi Cube Smart Controller can be individually configured. Whether you want to control the stereo via a smart socket or the ceiling light via a smart switch, you no longer need to resort to the mobile device. The cube can store up to six different commands. These are triggered by simple gestures: You can call various functions by shaking, a 90 as well as a 180 or a 360 degree rotation. By means of a fingertip or double-tapping further commands are executed.

Remote control in modern design

The Xiaomi Mi Cube Smart Controller can be seen not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of optics. The remote control in cube shape has slightly rounded edges and has been provided with a nondescript logo. The power supply of the smart controller is ensured by an integrated rechargeable battery.


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