Xiaomi Mi TV 4A short Review

Xiaomi not only build mobile phones, is now known to almost everyone. In my home, Xiaomi is not only responsible for everyday things such as wiping, vacuuming or boiling water, but also for lighting thanks to smart home integration. When the new Xiaomi Mi TV 4A started the long journey from China, the anticipation was great. I’m not a fan of televisions and I do not even use classical content via satellite or cable. But somehow a living room without the flicker box just does not look right. If it should be something special, then you just take the projector from the drawer. Nonetheless, a Netflix evening on the couch has not hurt anyone yet, and that’s where the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A begins and ends, as the detailed test will show.The 43-inch TV has an FHD display, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of memory.

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The latest craze among Gearbest’s countless shipping methods is “Railway Express for xyz product”. This is not a bad joke, but your package runs, on time as the German train, by train from Shenzhen (China) to Warsaw (Poland).

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In our case, the trip started on 10.08 and ended on 08.09. From Poland UPS takes over the onward transport, and the tracking number can be used from here (without the TH at the beginning). From Poland to Germany to my front door it took another 5 days. Overall, the TV was on the road for 35 days and then arrived in an impressively secure packaging. This is also necessary because there is no way to send this huge device as a private customer back to China.

A handcrafted and tailor-made fat cardboard packaging enclosed the entire device packaging. Corners and edges were further reinforced with hard cardboard. Excellent!

Design and Display

The TV is in the living room and should, as well as the car in the driveway, impress guests. Unfortunately, this is with the 43 inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4A in the pants! This looks chic, but is far too small. The Bezelless delusion is omnipresent, and here the Xiaomi TV with 12mm edges can definitely score. With mounted feet, the device weighs 8kg and is less suitable for one-handed transport. The Mi TV 4A is otherwise 96.6cm long and 61cm high. At the thickness, it starts at the top with 10.5mm, then goes to 44mm and then ends down at 74mm – All in all inconspicuous default values. To place the TV safely, you should have a television table with at least 23cm wide. The feet are made of plastic and are attached to the underside with 2 screws each.

The power cord is unfortunately integrated in the TV, so you would have to use a Chinese adapter in the socket. For safety reasons, we recommend simply cutting the cable at the end to the China plug and replacing it with a standard plug ( like this one ) for Germany. If you want to pimp your TV with a nice backlight, you can easily do this with the Xiaomi Lightstrip for 25 €. The Xiaomi-typical high-quality processing is also present at the cheap Mi TV 4A.

If you like to mount your TV on the wall, you can do so with the China TV. When ordering a bracket, just pay attention to the VESA standard 400 x 200, then nothing goes wrong during the assembly. The inputs include 2 x HDMI 1.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Ethernet, a composite video port (yellow, red and white) and a DTMB port (in Germany unusable antenna port). As a special feature, there is still an S / Pdif output for audio signals.

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For clear and undistorted sound provide 2 x 6Watt speakers (stereo sound). Although this does not sound very loud, the quality is at a high level.

The 43-inch display panel is a classic LED panel. You do not have to worry about Clouding on the MiTV 4A because the display is evenly lit. At the same time, excellent black levels are achieved, which can easily keep up with a Sony BRAVIA KDL-50W805 and destroy the Hisense H43MEC3050. Hisense is known for aggressive marketing and was omnipresent at the last World Cup.

From which size a corresponding resolution makes sense on a television, we should be worth a discussion: The Xiaomi Mi TV4A resolves with almost ridiculous 1920 x 1080 pixels. In conclusion, this is 51 pixels per inch and with any smartphone I would finish the test at this point with the conclusion “electronic waste”. However, one does not star with only 20cm distance on the display. In contrast, our 43-inch comparator brings it to 102 pixels per inch. This is theoretically a huge difference that has little meaning in practice. First, even in the online streaming offer, as with Netflix, 4K content is very limited available. The practical benefit is therefore questionable at first. In my seat distance of 3m I can also find no difference in sharpness. The WOW effect is completely gone, but this may look quite different for sizes of 55 or 65 inches.

However, what is also clear at 3m distance is the clear color reproduction and the contrast of the Xiaomi TV 4A. The settings do not save the catastrophic portrayal of the Hisense TV. Here Xiaomi keeps up easily with the Sony TV. If you are looking for a well-balanced, bright and sufficiently sharp playback device for less money, then the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A is the perfect choice.


Any smart TV user will sooner or later ask the question: Are there any shitty and slower smart TV systems than that of my TV? Xiaomi fixes this problem in the Mi-TV series with powerful processors. But even worse than a slow system is a Chinese system, at least in our latitudes. Although this can be partly in English and you can at least adjust the settings (color rendering, image format, etc …). Nevertheless, the system remains largely inoperable, alone by the flood of Chinese TV shows and film content. In addition, the TV can not start without the system, so if you want to switch to AV or HDMI, you have to wait until the TV is started up and the Smart TV system is running. The best comes to the end: advertising for water, jewelry, Perfume or cell phones will be played during startup. When power consumption is low, the Xiaomi TV 4A with 85W and less than 0.5W in stand-by.

You do not have to do any more than download the Shafa App here and follow our instructions. Simply transfer the downloaded Shafa APK to a USB stick and plug it into your Mi TV. The file manager opens automatically and then you have to allow “unknown sources”.

The Xiaomi TV is so far a TV without cable or satellite reception, let alone DVBT 2 capable and then completely in Chinese. The only way out is by replacing the Smart TV system with a game console (in my case an Xbox One) or a Xiaomi TV box (this is completely stock Android and designed for our market). Afterwards one can use the streaming offer indefinitely and receive also over offerers such as Zattoo TV programs over the InterNet. Telekom also offers television over the Internet with an additional router. So you can use a Xiaomi TV depending on the existing hardware quite. Additional costs caused the 60 € expensive Xiaomi TV box in any case.

Now, you can buy it at GearBest.com for $379.99 use coupon MTV43B5

Buy Xiaomi Mi TV 4A at Gearbest.com for $379.99 use coupon MTV43B5


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