Why not a Tesla smartphone? This video shows us a conceptual design

Diseño conceptual del smartphone de Tesla

Talking about Tesla is talking about electric cars. However, the person behind the company’s evolution, the South African Elon Musk, hides a restless mind that never ceases to amaze us. Not only for the Model S, the recently unveiled Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi – electric truck – but for projects as unlikely as Hyperloop a few years ago. With this in mind, is there room for a Tesla smartphone?

A few days ago, Tesla started selling a portable battery for smartphones as an accessory whose main attraction was not their performance -not even their price- but their design. After this novelty, the Web has not been long in gathering the testimony of a designer who has raised what could be the design of a supposed Tesla smartphone.

The look of Tesla’s smartphone

As we have already indicated, the person behind the YouTube Concept Creator channel has taken advantage of Tesla’s powerbank media pull to put our minds to work. The video we’re alluding to shows a conceptual design of this Tesla smartphone with a very striking look, with some reminiscences of the design line of the brand’s emblem, as well as its electric cars.

Diseño del smartphone de Tesla

The most eye-catching feature is the front panel, where it features a state-of-the-art, frameless display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Also noteworthy is the top and bottom sections where two front speakers are integrated.

Already at the back, this Tesla smartphone is openly displaying the company logo on top, very close to the insertion of a dual rear camera and four-diode LED flash.

Doble cámara del smartphone de Tesla

The rest of the features may well be left to our free choice since the video only wants to record the print that could have a hypothetical Tesla smartphone. So, we leave you with the video that, in spite of its short duration, promises not to leave anyone indifferent. Even with that feeling of wanting Tesla to jump right into the mobile phone market and turn a similar model into reality in the not too distant future.


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