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[Deal] Zhiyun Crane 3-axis Handheld Gimbal just for $459.99 with coupon

One of the most interesting Handheld 3 Axis gimbals for DLSM / DSLR cameras on the market! No other device combines this performance, perfect workmanship and easy handling, perfected for anyone who wants to record professional “stabilized” videos. The Zhiyun Crane is the first gimbal on the market to use 32-bit triple MCUs running in parallel with 4 kHz. The Crane brush-less motors are extremely precise and powerful, providing low vibration and increased torque. Industry-leading accuracy is achieved with a magnetic encoder in each motor, and the permanently evolved stabilization algorithms help the Crane control the camera to within 0.01 degrees of 0.25 milliseconds.

With the type 26500 lithium-ion batteries, a maximum operating time of 12 hours can be achieved. The batteries can be fully charged in about three hours.

Zhiyun Crane is sold at Gearbest.com for $791.13, Now, I have a coupon for you just for $459.99 can get it! limited 100Pcs, The coupon is: GBZY1122

Buy Zhiyun Crane at Gearbest.com for $459.99 use coupon GBZY1122

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