Is this the new Huawei P11 Plus?

Filtraciones Huawei P11 Plus

Leaks are always present. Although not confirmed data, this kind of information allows us to know a little about a product. In this case, mobile phones are one of the devices that are most involved in filtered novelties. And in this opportunity, the main character is the possible Huawei P11 Plus.

The images and information below are not related to the one commented on a few days ago (please find below the post with the details). In that article we commented that it could be the Huawei Enjoy 7S. But now, in this last filtration it is presumed to be the Huawei P11 Plus.

Huawei P11 Plus filtrations in images

The filter has been generous in issuing a lot of images related to the possible design of the next card of the Chinese company. First of all, we have an 18:9 ratio screen, known to be present in other high-end terminals. It also has a physical button that would be integrating the fingerprint reader. The front part also has a camera for the selfies and an audio output.

On the back of the device we find a double photographic section and a silver-colour design. Similarly, in the leaks you can see a 3.5 mm audio connector and a USB Type-C port, both located at the bottom of the mobile phone.

Huawei P11 Plus or Huawei Nova 3?

We still don’t know what the meaning of the word Aurora is, captured on the back of the mobile phone. In the face of this, confusion increases to a dead end (for now). There is even so much confusion that several English media also report that it could be the Huawei Nova 3. And to be honest, we believe that this theory is stronger than the Huawei 11 Plus, because in terms of rear design, the P11 Plus could be coming in glass, not metal and glass. So, what could we expect for the next few weeks?

No data related to the terminal’s internal specifications has been available so far. But this is certainly a device that cannot be overlooked for the next few weeks. What do you expect me to integrate this cell phone? Will it be the Huawei P11 Plus?

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