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OnePlus 6T is not safe for 2018 according to co-founder Carl Pei

OnePlus 6T not launch 2018

After having known that OnePlus will not manufacture the OnePlus 5 anymore, it was not clear to me if the company’s ship had a clear course for next year. And now with this latest known novelty, doubts multiply.

Through a forum consisting of 6 members of the OnePlus team, several fans had the opportunity to conduct surveys related to the price and characteristics of the new bet: the OnePlus 5T. Likewise, several onlookers took the opportunity to ask the next plans of the Chinese company for 2018. And among many revealed data, the Asian firm has said it has not yet seen the launch of the OnePlus 6T for 2018.

There will be a OnePlus 6T only if there is new technology

News OnePlus 5T

The co-founder of the multinational, Carl Pei, said on Wednesday in the forum that there will only be a OnePlus 6T if there is new technology that is very useful for all users. In addition, he commented that to produce a new model it is necessary that there are enough updates.

“We will make a second T device if there is enough new technology that is useful for our users. As of now, we still have not decided if we have enough updates next year for a T-device. ” Words more, words less: the path of the company for 2018 is not clear to themselves.

Launching a new version recently would also not be appropriate for the brand, as many users disagreed to know that the company would launch an improved version of OnePlus, just a couple of months after the launch of this mobile. These people commented that had they known that the firm would take out the OnePlus 5T months earlier, they would not have opted to buy the OnePlus 5.

Will OnePlus risk the 6T model?

If the company manages to produce the OnePlus 6T (which I doubt), it will have to face much more pressure, because this device must have enough news and good changes compared to the 5T model.

The next few weeks will be crucial to see how much this Asian firm can offer for the 2018 market. What do you expect to see from OnePlus next year?

Source | BGR

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