5+1 reasons to buy the new OnePlus 5T

5 reasons to buy the OnePlus 5T

The new OnePlus 5T is now official . But if you want to buy it and still have doubts, it is best that you read this article because we will try to help you. We bring you nothing more and nothing less than  5 reasons to buy the OnePlus 5T . Although we may end up giving you an extra reason … although there are thousands!

OnePlus 5T front camera

The best 5 reasons to buy the OnePlus 5T

1- The price

Let’s get to the point once and for all! The best reason to buy this terminal without a doubt is the price. It is a real bargain. The OnePlus 5T can be purchased from 499 euros. It is a bargain considering that it is a top of the range and that its alternatives are sold for 700 or 1,000 euros.

2- Awesome dual camera

The OnePlus 5T does not have a dual camera anymore, but it is amazing and is willing to become one of the best options. We do not know in which position of the ranking DXOMark will place it, but certainly not bad. It has 16 + 20 MP and is optimized for taking incredible photos in low light and portrait mode.

3- All screen and spectacular design

The OnePlus 5T conquers users by its large screen. Nothing more and nothing less than a  Full Optic AMOLED 18: 9 screen. In addition, its design does not have any waste. It has a rounded aluminum body and is very elegant. It also promises to be resistant (something that we will see in the tests). Although the novelty, is that he has finally said goodbye to frames.

Wallpapers OnePlus 5T

4- An improved Android

Although here a server is a fan of Android Puro, we must recognize that OnePlus in this terminal is willing to offer the best of Android. They have optimized the OxygenOS software to be spectacular and offer a great experience.

5- Power and speed without limits

If you want to be able to run any game or app without worrying about anything else, with this OnePlus 5T you can get it. It comes equipped with the latest in the latest, an optimized Snapdragon 835 .

Did you know that in only half an hour of loading it makes the OnePlus 5T last a day ? It is incredible but true. And all this is achieved thanks to  Dash Charge . A solution designed by the OnePlus guys.

These are some reasons to add the OnePlus 5T to the cart . We are facing a terminal that is spectacular and that is very worthwhile for its price. The truth is that it is a bargain! Now we just have to wait until the 21st day to buy it.

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