Dibea C17 cordless vacuum cleaner for $139.99

Dibea Wireless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Battery vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaner to try the standard vacuum cleaner from the apartments to displace and also quite successful. The new models are becoming more and more efficient and the prices from China are manageable. We have already noted in the test of the Dibea F6 a certain similarity to the Dyson models, and the Dibea C17 looks very similar to the British visually. We tell you how to estimate the battery vacuum cleaner.

Many of you have in the comments under the test for Dibea F6 the Dibea C17 shown as a better alternative – according to the technical data is not wrong: The Dibea C17 two levels of absorbency are adjustable, in one works the sucker with 7000 pa and the other with 4000 pa. Compared with the maximum suction power of the Dibea F6 with 5200 pa a clear difference. The charging time of the 2200 mAh large battery should be here only 4 hours, the possible working time at 20 minutes on the highest suction power. Since the lower intake level will almost never be used, working time of 40 minutes at this level is rather unimportant.

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What is the Dibea C17?

Dibea Wireless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Visually, the C17 is very reminiscent of the Dyson models, but the product as such probably also leaves little room for maneuver. But: The Dibea C17 costs only a third of comparable models from England. Compared to the F6, the C17 with a weight of 3.2 kg is significantly heavier than the 2.1 kg light F6. Here you can hope for a higher quality processing, the F6 was quite a lot of built-plastic. The intake of the C17 is made of carbon fibers, unfortunately there is no exact measurement of the width of the hood front. Here bayonet catch instead of tabs, which provide for even more stability and thus less “cluttered” should be.

Unlike the other model is here a wall mount included . So you could put the teat at a certain point, without this tipping over. Otherwise, you can assemble something yourself. For the F6 had an additional handle on the intake manifold, which is missing here. The Dibea C17 offers the possibility of using the cordless vacuum cleaner as a handheld vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is change the attachment and remove the suction tube. Simply attach the nozzles and brushes to the suction pipe and the vacuum cleaner is ready for use. This is especially handy if you just want to suck something away quickly.

There are no indications as to the volume of the nipple; it will probably amount to around 75 dB, as with the little brother. The dust chamber is a bit small with 0.35 l, here you will have to empty the dust chamber more often in larger rooms. But this is very easy, only one opening has to be removed and you can drop the dust into the dustbin without direct contact (see graphic above). The allergy sufferers are also looking forward to that.


In terms of price, the cordless vacuum cleaner is definitely an eye-catcher, in the normal case you have to put much more on the table for such a total package. At least the technical data speak for the Dibea F17, also in comparison to the F6, which did not fare very well in our test. An important factor will be the suction power on carpets, on hard floors, the cordless vacuum cleaners usually work well. What do you think about the cordless vacuum cleaner?

Buy Dibea 2-in-1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner at Gearbest.com for $139.99


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