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  • VKAR Racing Bison V2 RC car with up to 90 km/h for $269.99

VKAR Racing Bison V2 RC car with up to 90 km/h for $269.99

Given the price and shipping from China may not be a suitable offer for everyone, but since you can save a lot here, I would like to show the offer of Gearbest anyway. With the coupon:  Bfriday129  you currently get the VKAR Racing Bison V2 RC car for $269.99 including shipping.

VKAR RACING BISON V2 1:10 80 - 90km/h 2.4GHz 2CH 4WD Waterproof Brushless RC Truck - RTR

The huge VKAC RACIN BISON V2 excels in its awesome power system which makes wheelie a piece of cake. It is capable of handling rugged roads thanks to the design of low center of mass. Much like the wild animal, it offers you unprecedented high performance!

As a comparison price, unfortunately, I could only find offers on eBay, which also come from China. There will be required shipping minimum €358, on top of it would come even 19% import tax, which does not exist here. The price is really really good.

  • Up to 90 km / h
  • 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Charging time: 5-6 hours
  • Travel time: 20 minutes
  • Battery: 11.1V 3500mAh 30C LiPo
  • Transmitter Batteries: 4 x 1.5V AA (not included)

Buy VKAR RACING BISON V2 at Gearbest.com for $269.99 use coupon Bfriday129

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