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Blackview BV9000 Pro – a 18:9 Outdoor Smartphone with dual real camera

18:9 displays have quickly become the leading trend. A really big part of all new China phones is equipped with a 18: 9 display. Now, the trend spills over to the outdoor smartphones, because with the Blackview BV9000 Pro now a corresponding device has been announced. Unfortunately, Blackview has not given any more details about the BV9000 Pro price. It was only a short teaser video released in which the device is seen from several angles. However, it is noticeable that the Blackview BV9000 Pro has a fairly good screen-to-case ratio (for an outdoor smartphone). This feature is one of the main reasons for the success of 18: 9 displays. So it’s nice that Blackview is trying to do that in an outdoor smartphone. But it is still just render. The appearance of the finished smartphone can thus be different from these. From the dual camera on the back of the Blackview BV9000 Pro should not be impressed for the time being. We do not assume that here is a real dual camera with usable bokeh effect is installed.

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  1. As a big fan of NOMU and Blackview. I always pay much attention to their
    latest products. Blackview BV9000 Pro and NOMU T18, excellent phones,
    but there’s a big difference between the two. BV9000 Pro has big screen,
    large ROM, better camera, while NOMU T18 has bigger battery, advanced
    fingerprint unlocking and OTG, and innovative walkie-talkie and external
    camera. For outdoor use, objectively speaking, NOMU T18 is much better
    as it can can bring much convenience. The walkie-talkie function and
    external camera can be very useful. Anyway, I hope Blackview can produce
    better phone in the future.

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