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Buy Xiaomi TS Protective Glasees use coupon for only $39.99

Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses highlighted

The Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses delight us with the classic minimalist style that Xiaomi customarily presents , which radiates simplicity and elegance, a combination that turns out to be a marvel in every sense of the word. In these lenses we will not see the popular logo of the Chinese company, but this is because they do not want to saturate the symmetrical image presented to us. Now we will focus on the manufacture of this beauty: to start the crystal is made of PC, thanks to this we will enjoy greater resistance to shocks, falls and scratches. As for the mount, this is polyetherimide (PEI), a material that also gives us a great resistance, apart from being incredibly light, so it is quite comfortable to use.

We have a pair of pads made of silicone that are located at the level of the nose, these serve as support to better adjust our lenses, apart from being quite soft, being highly ergonomic and this ensures us greater comfort. As mentioned above, all manufacturing materials are closely related to each other, all are incredibly light, the end result is a product with a weight of 17 grams, practically nothing.

These glasses are available only in black, which gives a very refined air, but we must emphasize that in this aspect there is still more variety, but in the absence of it, Xiaomi has equipped these lenses with 3 different models. These have the same manufacturing materials, the only thing that changes is a little aesthetics. These models are distinguished because they have a very simple nomenclature.

Where to buy it?

Currently we can buy the Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses in Gearbest with an incredible discount of 42%, but if we apply the following coupon (GB11.11SGlasses) we will receive an extra discount, leaving only $ 39.99, the change would be € 34.30. Like any offer, this has a time limit, so we must hurry if we want to enjoy this new product.

Buy Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses at Gearbest.com

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