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Chuwi CoreBook is launched on Indiegogo: we tell you its details

Chuwi CoreBook

For those who are a little aware of what happened recently with Chuwi surely know the success of the new convertible model SurBook, who raised more than one million dollars after going through the platform of collective financing Indiegogo. Now, the turn comes to his next proposal: CoreBook .

Chuwi CoreBook tries to present itself as a useful 2-in-1 model with quite powerful features for what a traditional user can expect. Considering its accessible price, it looks very similar to “Premium” options such as the case of the iPad Pro. Then let’s know a little more about everything it has to offer.

Screen and hardware

In the first instance, the design of this equipment does not seek to keep the keyboard always present as in other convertibles, so that its screen can be fully extracted and function as a traditional tablet . It has a 13.3-inch touch panel with Full HD resolution, which is also laminated to achieve a sharper contrast and delicate and natural colors.

On the other hand, on its edges there is a curved finish in 2.5D that not only makes it look more beautiful, but also that its lines gain more ergonomics and is noticeable in the comfort of handling when the user has it in their hands. There is also no need for a fingerprint recognition system on its front face to have more security and privacy.

Inside, the components are organized from an Intel Core m3 2-core 4-wire processor and running at frequencies up to 2.60 GHz in turbo, plus an integrated Intel HD Graphics 61 5 GPU that supports 4K video playback and games in 3D It does not lack up to 6 GB of RAM and internal storage of 128 GB eMMC 5.1 that can be expanded.

More attractive features

Chuwi CoreBook has a useful USB-C 3.0 port with full functions to allow loading, transmission of USB data and playback of video and audio from other devices. Also, its 37Wh high density lithium-ion battery is capable of offering up to 8 hours of autonomy with average use. It also recharges quickly to 12V / 3A to reach 100% in 3 hours.

As regards the keyboard, its position facilitates a free adjustment between 0º and 165º degrees so that it is in the perfect position with respect to the user’s view, while Chu wi also adds compatibility with an optical pointer of 1024 levels of sensitivity to The pressure has been carefully designed to give you a writing experience, with palm lock technology and recognition of angles of less than 30º.

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