KLIM Fusion: Affordable in-ear headphones

Despite the rapid growth in headphones that cover the entire auricle, in-ear headphones are far from obsolete – the headphone market is huge. They are space-saving, light, comfortable and with the sound you can live well with the slightly better models. Unfortunately, some products tend to fall out of ears. This can usually have two reasons; the shape of the headphones and the shape of the ear canal. Something that suits one person can fall out of the other immediately. One way to prevent this is the memory foam technology, but unfortunately makes headphones not just cheaper.

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The KLIM Fusion, however, is not only equipped with memory foam , so memory foam , but also a real bargain. The advent of memory foam in the production of headphones brought two advantages; On the one hand, they are perfect, on the other hand, they are particularly soundproof, as they do not leave any unnecessary space open. KLIM Fusion is a low-cost version for everyday use.

Memory Foam and its benefits

The Memory Foam-equipped Fusion Headphones are exceptionally comfortable to wear as they adapt to the user’s ear shape. The material can be easily compressed with the fingers before the headset is inserted. In the ear, the KLIM Fusion expands again as far as it is possible and adapts so perfectly to the shape . Cavities are avoided so reliably, which leads to better soundproofing in the ear, dampens ambient noise and puts the music in the foreground. So it is also possible to hear the music a bit quieter without sacrificing quality, which in turn has a gentle effect on the hearing – the function of memory foam is known from ordinary earplugs.

Modern design and the technical parameters

The KLIM Fusion comes in eye-catching colors. Customers can choose between the green, the blue, the red and the completely black model. Optically, the headphones can be assigned to the gamer style. Included in the delivery are three pairs of attachments in different sizes, an audio split cable , a small transport bag and a packaging box.

The cable length of the KLIM Fusion is 1.70 m , the plug is a classic 3.5 mm jack. The frequency range of the KLIM is between 15 and 21000 Hz, the sensitivity is 118 dB and thanks to its light construction the KLIM Fusion knows only 20 grams total weight. The KLIM Fusion is a real bargain, because the model is available on Amazon from just 19.90 euros. Interested parties get good in-ear headphones for a fair price.


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