Vernee Active – a new anti-shock smartphone

The manufacturer Vernee is working on the launch of its first anti-shock smartphone called Vernee Active, which according to them will have an excellent balance between usability and resistance thanks to a careful design, which will not look like an anti-shock terminal. We tell you everything we know about it.

In English, this type of smartphones is known as Ruggerized (something that some people translate as “roaring,” a word that does not exist and is the result of a bad literal translation), a word that comes from “Rugger” and refers to Rugby, a sport in which players wear a protective frame against blows and hence the similarity and use of the word. And it is precisely a frame that carries this new terminal brand, thus being prepared to withstand shocks and falls without damage.

Generally, these terminals are usually quite rough, large and heavy due to the exterior frame, and yet because of the two images that the manufacturer has published about this Vernee Active does not seem to have such a design, but rather something quite normal for the times we are in. It has a 5.5-inch screen and therefore also appears to have 2.5D curvature at the edges.

You do see some reinforced smartphone elements in the lower part of the terminal. For example, you can see that the corners are reinforced, and the USB port has a cover to protect it, which indicates that in addition to being resistant to shocks and falls, the terminal could be at least waterproof, if not even submersible, although logically this is something that will have to be specified by the manufacturer when they make the official announcement.

They have also commented on some things about the internal hardware, such as that the device will be powered by the MediaTek Helio P25 processor, eight-core in two clusters that not only provides good performance, but is quite efficient at saving battery power.

We will have to wait for the official announcement to have more details, because as usual in the Chinese manufacturers are revealing information with eye-drops, and for the moment there is nothing more than what we have told you here.

Buy Vernee Active at for $319.99


  1. I wonder when Vernee produces their own signature phone. In terms of
    rugged phone, I supports NOMU as always for its truly excellent rugged
    Not bad in terms of the hardware configuration, but I’m not exactly sure
    about this phone for its professionalism, as this is the first rugged
    phone Vernee made. I think I would prefer to use T18 from NOMU, after
    all it produces rugged phone for a long time.


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