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Xiaomi LED Portable Flashlight 240Lm Minimalist for sale on GearBest

Today, Xiaomi portable LED flashlight officially on sale, small size, with 11 adjustable brightness, priced at $25.99 on GearBest.

It has a minimalist design, weighing only 103g, the shell is made of aluminum, both solid and full of texture, silver lamp can be rotated to achieve 11 files adjustable brightness.

Lamp built a Lumileds LED lamp beads, the maximum brightness up to 240lm, also with SOS flashing light help mode, small current discharge mode and other functions.

Xiaomi LED Flashlight Built-in Panasonic or LG’s 3350mAh lithium-ion battery, can support up to 216 minutes of bright lighting. At the same time, it supports intelligent temperature control function, which can automatically reduce the brightness to adjust the temperature when lighting over a set temperature for a long time to ensure the safe use.

It is worth mentioning that, it also has a silicon chip SY6918 Smart, charging the mainstream electronic devices, both input and output 5V / 1A. In addition, Xiaomi portable LED flashlight can be used with Xiaomi Mijia portable fans and other smart accessories to bring more fun.

Buy Xiaomi LED Portable Flashlight at Gearbest.com for $25.99

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