OnePlus 5T, much faster than iPhone X on facial recognition

The OnePlus 5T has been officially presented today, with a 6-inch OLED screen and these specifications. It is an improvement over the OnePlus 5 and is one of the main differences. Another one is facial recognition, which can boast of speed.
When talking about this characteristic it is inevitable to think about Apple. With the Face ID of your first all-screen smartphone, the iPhone X , is generating all kinds of opinions. Now, with the new OnePlus 5T, the iPhone of the tenth anniversary has a new rival.

The OnePlus 5T is much faster than the iPhone X in facial recognition

The giant of Cupertino presented the biometric technology of the iPhone X as something revolutionary, unique, unparalleled … But it seems that the Face ID of Apple is left behind in front of OnePlus Face Unlock . As stated in the BGR portal, the facial recognition of the OnePlus 5T is incredibly fast.

OnePlus 5T front camera

On iPhone with Touch ID, unlocking the device is practically instantaneous. But the Face ID takes a few minutes to complete the process. Undoubtedly, although many followers of the apple love it and find it an advance, this delay can be a nuisance. Just think of all the times we unlock the phone daily.

According to OnePlus, its Face Unlock technology uses more than 100 unique identifiers for unlocking. These are read by the front camera of the OnePlus 5T, which is 16 MP with aperture of f/2.0. This system differs greatly from that used by Apple. The Face ID emits 30,000 infrared points to map the face.

It does this through an infrared camera that updates the data each time the device is unlocked with facial recognition. We will see the same in the iPad Pro 2018, which will Face ID and the same X iPhone camera. For its part, the OnePlus 5T simplifies the procedure when using the camera for selfies. So it’s logical that the time difference is so noticeable.

We are talking about speed, without entering in terms of safety. Logically, by working in such disparate ways, Face Unlock and Face ID are not matched. You also have to bear in mind that the OnePlus 5T costs half as much as the iPhone X. By the way, do you know how much it costs Apple to make the iPhone X?

Apple’s technology is much safer. At least in theory, because it is not free of controversy and there are already cases where it has failed.


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