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OnePlus 5T discount
While OnePlus presents the new OnePlus 5T, here you have all the information about the terminal, we have advanced and we tell you how to get a discount coupon of 20 euros to get the terminal at the best price.

Yes, you heard correctly, we have found a way to take the OnePlus 5T for less money and the way to do it is using this link , which will take you to the OnePlus rewards program and you will be rewarded with an extra 20 euros for the purchase of the mobile. In addition to the OnePlus 5T, if you do not want one like this, you can also use the discount to buy the OnePlus 5 or an accessory for any of the phones it sells.

Vale discount 20 euros oneplus 5T

Take the OnePlus 5T for 479 euros

As you know, the new OnePlus 5T has a price of 499 euros in its 64 GB version and 6 GB of RAM, the version with 8 GB and 128 GB of storage has a price of 559 euros on its official website.

With this coupon that we attach you will save 20 euros extra and you will be great to take the phone to the best price currently available. They are all advantages, you do not have to do anything, just claim the coupon and you’re done.

Do you like the new OnePlus 5T?

This new phone has undergone many changes compared to the previous one, in fact if you notice there are many new things in the terminal:

  • Screen: now will mount a screen of 6 inches AMOLED with Full HD + resolution, a much more colorful screen that makes the chassis is changed completely and its dimensions are reduced in width.
    Fingerprint sensor: relegated to the back so that the front can have a better occupation.
    The camera: that continues mounting the same size of sensors but without telephoto, now the second camera will continue to focus better and give more quality to the photos.

I personally think that this OnePlus 5T is worth more than the previous one . The change to the new screen format in the style of Samsung and LG leads the terminal to play in another league where other manufacturers, such as Apple, still do not have a viable alternative below 1000 euros. If you want to see the differences of the OnePlus 5 with the OnePlus 5T here you have them.

Now, this OnePlus 5T, is postulated as one of the best alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG V30, its two main competitors. If it were not because my Galaxy S8 is new … I would think about it …

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