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DOOGEE is developing a flexible mid-range phone

DOOGEE telefono flexible

The world of mobile phones is advancing by leaps and bounds, sometimes almost unnoticed. There is a lot of progress being made in different fields today, the companies are working around the clock to make the integration of the fingerprint sensor on the screen a reality. Although, if there is one area in which several companies are really interested, it is the flexible screen mobile phones.

Samsung is likely to be the first company to introduce flexible screen mobile phones on the market, although it will not be the only one. The last company to join, and who caught everyone by surprise, was DOOGEE.

As far as we can tell, the Chinese company is very interested in the development of a flexible display phone and an 18:9.5 aspect ratio. In addition, I would take advantage of it to enter the mid-range sector, providing it with an all-terrain hardware. The device in question will have 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM. Characteristics that are common in the current mobile telephony market, but that surprise to see them in a DOOGEE device. Of course, to support such features, and in addition to the fact that the screen will be flexible, DOOGEE will have to rely on a very powerful processor; surely one of the middle range of Mediatek.

For the moment this is all we can tell you about the DOOGEE flexible screen phone. We only know that the Chinese company is developing it, so there is no approximate date of when it will arrive on the market; we bet that it will be in 2018, but we cannot confirm anything. Another point to keep in mind is the price; considering the features of the new device, it will almost certainly be the most expensive DOOGEE phone we have seen so far.

Companies like Samsung developing flexible screen phones is normal, but DOOGEE is really surprising because it represents a huge qualitative leap forward compared to the line that the company has followed so far. We will follow the DOOGEE steps in this area very closely and we will continue to tell you everything. It is not the only Chinese company that is committed to innovating and winning in the sector.

Via | Evan Blass

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