Ulefone Mix 2, the “perfect” mobile phone costs only $109.99

Ulefone Mix 2

The Ulefone Mix 2 is now official. This is a mid-range device that you can buy at a price of only 100 euros. If you want to know everything about this new device, stay with us.

First of all, this Ulefone Mix 2 follows the line of the previous one, the Ulefone MIX. It is a smartphone with a lot of personality but that stands out for its large screen, along with good performance in relation to quality/price. Don’t miss it in video on your phone, you’ll appreciate how beautiful its design is.

Features of Ulefone Mix 2

The Ulefone Mix 2 stands out mainly for its large screen. It is a terminal that joins the trend of borderless screens we see today. He is the second of the company that bets for this format, after analyzing the Ulefone MIX in depth we conclude that the company has very good work with these phones.

It features a 5.7-inch panel and HD+ resolution, as well as an 18:9 aspect ratio and 90.1 % front screen ratio. That’s awesome! It also allows a great experience with games, apps, movies, etc. There are no limits to this device, especially in visual terrain with its curves on both sides.

Ulefone Mix 2

In terms of power, we are not talking about Qualcomm but a MediaTek chip. It comes with a 4-core MT6737 with 2GB of RAM. Not bad for your price, almost laughing. It is also not far behind in storage as it comes with 16GB as standard but can be expanded with the microSD card up to 256GB. That’s enough, although many users may miss more internal memory. However, it must be taken into account that it is good for its range.

What about the pictures? Good, bad, terrible…? Approves with note in this section. We have a double 13 MP + 5 MP lens on the rear camera. We will not have impressive photos of top of the range, but we will have a pretty good quality. And you can try the experience with a dual camera. As for the selfies camera, we have 8 MP.

It comes with Android 7.0 Nougat, fingerprint sensor, 3,330 mAh battery and 4G. It is very complete for its low price. If you think we’re missing something, you can find more information on the official Ulefone website.

Ulefone Mix 2

Where to buy the Ulefone Mix 2 cheap and at what price?

If you like the Ulefone Mix 2 and want to buy it, you can do it in Gearbest.com. The price is a bargain because it’s around $109.99 in change. A great price for a device that is certainly great in every respect. Get hold of him now!

Buy Ulefone Mix 2 at Gearbest.com for $109.99


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