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Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3x and more mobile phones of 2018 have been filtered out

Alcatel dispositivos 2018 filtrados

With only a few weeks before the end of 2017, information continues to come out related to the launch of the next Alcatel devices. We had already seen the leaks of these mobiles emitted through an image by Evan Blass (there you have the information about it), but only a photo with the 6 mobiles was presented. Today the situation has changed, and we already have separate images of Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3x and other mobile phones of the company that will be presented in 2018.

These renders have arrived thanks to the renowned Evan Blass filter, through his official Twitter account. The images below represent the 6 Alcatel mobile phones that will probably be presented during the next year. Here we have the Alcatel 5,3x, 3v, 3,3c and also the 1x model.

Filtered images of Alcatel’s mobile phones

Alcatel 1x
Alcatel 3c
Alcatel 3
Alcatel 3x
Alcatel 3v
Alcatel 5

First of all, we have to talk about the Alcatel 1x. According to the filter, it is a device that will be located in the low range, although its design looks more like a mid-range smartphone. To be honest, the front of this phone resembles that seen in some Moto Gs. For this reason, it is likely to be around the middle of the market.

Then we continue with Alcatel 3c. Here we are already beginning to see better details: a fingerprint reader on the back and a better finished design. Then we have Alcatel 3. This phone boasts better rear edges, a speakerphone and a fingerprint reader at the back.

And here we find the best of the best, the heavy artillery that Alcatel prepares for the high end of the market. We start with the Alcatel 3x, a dual rear camera terminal, fingerprint sensor and front speaker. Above we have the Alcatel 3v, also with double rear camera and fingerprint sensor, although this model comes in black.

Alcatel 5: the top of the brand’s range for 2018

Finally, we ran into Alcatel 5, the company’s flagship for next year. This device doesn’t have a dual rear camera, but it is sure to compete with a single sensor as we saw with Google Pixel 2, which broke the record in DxOMark with a single rear camera.

With the above mentioned we can validate that the company based in France will be competing in the different ranges of the market. And although we don’t know any more details, it is likely that other leaks will be released in the coming weeks. Have you had any Alcatel devices?

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