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The 3 big iPhone X problems, do you want to meet them?

iPhone X problemas
I’m honestly not very fond of Apple and its devices. But, that doesn’t mean I see and talk about the brand of Cupertino with any grace. For this reason, when it is necessary to comment on problems, it is better to set aside tastes, be objective and speak with professionalism on the subject. And this time, I’ve come across some iPhone X bugs that are important to mention.

All devices have faults, some more important than others. But when you talk about reputable companies like Apple and one of their most anticipated releases of the year, every problem revealed can reduce the terminal’s fame altogether.

To go into more detail, today I’ve given myself the task of searching for 3 of the most serious problems on the iPhone X, and they are. Then you will be able to know each one of them, and in this way, you will realize that our colleague was right when he mentioned other problems of this mobile phone (here you have the post with the critique).

The first drawback: the green line on the screen

Finding this error on the top-of-the-range display is not an everyday thing. More than 35 users (according to the latest figures) have seen a green vertical line appear on the right side of their iPhone X screen. The news has hardly become viral, I thought it was a fault limited to one region, or in such a case to a specific model, but the truth was that the green line appeared in terminals in different parts of the world and in 64 and 256 GB models. According to the information obtained, the OLED screen is referred to as the main protagonist.

Problems with clicks on the speakerphone, the second thing in the list

iPhone X Apple

The iPhone X audio system is also featured in the listing. As far as this failure is concerned, it has been known that some devices emit distorted sounds from the front speaker of the headset. Likewise, this is not a problem with a specific type of sound, since this has been presented in alarms, phone calls, videos, etc. Can you imagine spending your entire month’s salary on a mobile phone that fails to receive calls?

Screen trouble when in low temperatures

We’re done with the cherry pie. A mobile phone so expensive that it can’t be taken out in low temperatures? The iPhone X has that bug. This problem is one of the most serious and could not be left behind, because hundreds of users living in areas with cold temperatures have commented in Reddit that the iPhone X stops responding to touch when they leave their homes. So what’s the point of investing all the savings in a terminal that wouldn’t be designed to withstand low temperatures?

To be honest, the launch of the iPhone X doesn’t convince me at all. And I say this because it seems to me that marketing and advertising played a very important role in favor of Apple, since the device was at the top of the podium, but many users who have had the opportunity to interact with it have taken care of lowering its reputation.

Finally, the bittersweet taste will last indefinitely. And in this dead end Apple claims to have innovated the market, but the truth is that this story is yesterday’s newspaper. If you agree with these lines, you can leave your opinion in the respective section. Or, if you are not comfortable with the above, you can also express your concerns.

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