Xiaomi Yuemi MK01B Mechanical Keyboard Review

Lifehaker tested a fresh set of mouse and keyboard from Xiaomi and is ready to admit: these are excellent companions for working with devices from any manufacturer, especially Apple.

Chinese manufacturers are trying to increase market presence, capturing new niches. Usually does not work out too well. Until Xiaomi comes to show how it should be. The industrial giant takes the design and way of using from Apple and copies it to the mass consumer. So it happened with the kit that came to our review. Versatility, convenience and style – perhaps the best motto for new accessories Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Keyboard (Yuemi MK01B) Specifications

Type Compact keyboard
Appointment Universal
Connectivity Wired, USB
Color and material of the case White polycarbonate, silver aluminum
Key Type Mechanical (TTC Red)
Number of keys 87 (without additional)
Response time 1 ms
Key illumination Six-level LED-backlight
Dimensions 358 × 128 × 31.6 mm
The weight 940 grams
Additionally ARM processor (32 bit), 1 MHz

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse Specifications

Type Compact Wireless Optical Mouse
Appointment For laptop, universal
Connectivity Wireless: Bluetooth 4.1, 2.4 GHz dongle
Color and material of the case White polycarbonate, silver aluminum
Number of keys 3 + wheel
Response time 1-5 ms
Dimensions 110.2 × 57.2 × 23.6 mm
The weight 77.5 g
Additionally The ability to connect to two devices with hot switching between them


Design: Apple for thrifty

Accessories are sold separately, but from them you can make an excellent kit.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse: Design

Both the keyboard and the mouse copy Apple’s design decisions. Stylish, compact, minimalistic devices.

Xiaomi Mi Keyboard: Design

When manufacturing accessories, strong white polycarbonate and metal inserts were used. The question of a combination of these materials is interesting:

  • Xiaomi Mi Keyboard has a metal bottom, made of plastic top panel (glossy) and keys (matt).
  • Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse is entirely made of plastic except for the keys – it’s a solid plate, under which the switches are hidden.

Xiaomi Mi Keyboard: Features

Despite the compact (by the standards of the wired desktop keyboards) the longitudinal dimensions of the MK01B, the thickness is striking. With fully raised legs, the back of the keyboard at the maximum point rises by 4 cm. The angle of the slope is adjustable.

Xiaomi Mi Keyboard and Mi Portable Mouse

The layout is standard, with a long left Shift key and a smooth Enter. F-keys are taken out separately, as well as the control unit. The symbols are engraved. Cyrillic alphabet is missing. There is no digital block and no additional keys.

Xiaomi Mi Keyboard: Keyboard

In the same vein, the Mi Portable Mouse is implemented, which is equipped with a scroll wheel and two buttons.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse

At the bottom, just below the control keys, is the sensor and the power switch. There is not one element that could interfere with the transfer.

Wireless mouse Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse

An accessory works on two AAA batteries hidden in the compartment on the underside. We insert a screwdriver or a nail into the hole, we turn – the compartment opens.

Accessories are very good. There are no defects in assembly and surface. But in the case of a keyboard, you have to pay for quality: it is 940 grams! With the mouse of such problems, of course, no.

Ergonomics of the kit

Mechanical keyboards are known among desperate geeks and gamers. Each key uses its own switch.

In membrane keypads, the switches sit on a common soft pad, which is printed in one go and does not require additional assembly operations. Therefore, mechanics are much more expensive. This design allows easy replacement of the switches and the keys themselves.

Of the more tangible advantages of mechanics are the large key stroke when printing and an unlimited number of simultaneous keystrokes. In addition, mechanical keyboards provide sound and response like a real typewriter.

Classical mechanics is a very expensive and cumbersome pleasure. Additional keys, stands under the brush, digital blocks. The cost is not less than 50 dollars, and more often than not exceeds a hundred.

Engineers Xiaomi as much as possible reduced the cost and dimensions of accessories, making them compact and mobile. Not without reason at Mi Portable Mouse this characteristic is taken out in the name.

Xiaomi Mi Keyboard: Backlight

Despite this ergonomics has not suffered. Contrary to the notion of compact keyboards, the Xiaomi Mi Keyboard has high keys. The general profile is variable, concave. The space bar rises above the general level of the keys. The layout itself is classical, as in applications for blind typing.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse: usability

The Xiaomi mouse lies in the hand much better than most compact (notebook) models. Buttons are soft enough, with a little movement. A minimum effort is required for pressing, and accidental trips are avoided.

Technical Features Xiaomi Mi Keyboard (Yuemi MK01B)

Xiaomi Mi Keyboard: Keys

The basis of any mechanical keyboard is the switches. Xiaomi engineers did not reinvent the wheel and equipped the MK01B with popular TTC switches. They are similar to the Cherry MX Red, which are considered one of the most reliable, convenient and quality switches on the market. A good base eliminates unnecessary noise and ensures an even stroke of the keys.

An interesting problem is the length of the wire. Usually it is either not enough, or too much. Connection Xiaomi MK01B is carried out by a usual wire microUSB → USB. You can use the complete wire or your own, longer one.

The keyboard can work with any computer, tablet or smartphone. Drivers are not required.

Xiaomi Mi Keyboard: highlighting keys and symbols

There is a white backlighting of keys and engraved symbols. Six levels of brightness allow you to effectively use the backlight for both artificial lighting, and with minimal illumination from the monitor in total darkness.

Technical Features Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse

The mouse is very simple: two buttons, a button-wheel. The wheel is scrolled without delay, smoothly.

The most interesting feature of Mi Portable Mouse is the ability to simultaneously work with two devices. The connection is via Bluetooth 4.1 or Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz).

In the first case, the built-in transmitter is used. In the second, you need to connect a miniature dongle to the target device. It can be hidden in a special compartment under the battery cover.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse: working with two devices

By the way, the compartment is not as simple as most analogues. The lid when turning turns on a small sensor. If this peculiar key is pressed, the mouse can be turned on; if the lid is open, automatic shutdown occurs.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse with open lid

The declared range of action is 10m. Under real conditions this figure is 5-7 meters. A similar situation with the promised accuracy of work. Xiaomi pointed out that an optical sensor (1,200 dpi) operates with an accuracy of 95% on a conventional desk, matte glass, paper and even fabric. In fact, the accuracy is excellent, but the transparent and too smooth surfaces for the manipulator do not work.

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