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  • Xiaomi launches another product under crowdfunding platform, Mother Intelligent Milk Maker.

Xiaomi launches another product under crowdfunding platform, Mother Intelligent Milk Maker.

Mother intelligent Milk Maker destacada

Xiaomi has announced its latest product under crowdfunding platform and is really quite interesting, especially for mothers at home. This is the new “Mother intelligent milk maker”. The product is a device that breaks the tedious steps needed to make a teapot for babies, or well, for anyone who wants a cup of warm milk without boiling water, measuring the amount of milk, collecting the powder that is always thrown out (however careful we are) or assessing the final temperature of the product. None of this will be necessary any more, now you can have a cup of warm milk at the touch of a button thanks to Xiaomi’s new intelligent milk preparation machine.

The new Intelligent Milk Maker will be a great help for those mothers who do various chores at home

This milk preparation machine can accurately calculate concentration and temperature, eliminating the need to test the temperature of the liquid in the skin, which makes us lose time and even burn on certain occasions. Every cup of milk is checked between 37 and 41?. The powdered milk is stored in the upper part of the machine’s special powder container, with a storage capacity of approximately 300 grams of milk, being able to last from 3 to 5 days depending on the standard dosage. The amount of air contact should be reduced to avoid entrapment and product contamination.

Intelligent Milk Maker 1

An App for mobile phone couldn’t be missing

Like other Xiaomi smart home devices, the Mother intelligent Milk Maker can be operated through your Smartphone thanks to the application. The user can scan the barcode of the milk powder using it, which through the cloud will be able to obtain the official milk processing data, searching for the most appropriate parameters for the process, such as the preparation temperature, the quantity of milk powder required and the amount of warm water. Using micro-digital output technology and motor speed adjustment, precise control of the milk powder outlet can be obtained, thus obtaining a precise concentration for milk powder preparation.

Intelligent milk Maker APP

The external tank can store 1300ml of pure water. Thanks to a simple heat transfer process, at the end of the day we will always obtain a product with a temperature that will vary between 37℃ and 41℃, which is currently proven to be an optimum temperature for consumption. The tank also uses a separate dual temperature system for the water, which, thanks to a very specific temperature control technology, is able to maintain a constant temperature in the water.

Intelligent Milk Maker transferencia de calor

The Intelligent Milk Maker is very easy to operate, with a simple design and a pair of buttons only, with prolonged pressure will allow the milk to come out, when you release the button the machine will cut off the flow and the product will stop coming out. The machine allows various configurations to be customized according to the baby through the application. Finally, the height of the tray can be adjusted according to the container to be used, thanks to an infrared sensor system that will determine the position of the bottle, so it can be used for any type of container or teapot. As we have just seen, it is a quite interesting product and one that surely all mothers will want to have. The price is estimated to be around 1699 Yuanes, but we will see its official value on the day of its presentation.

Sensor infrarrojo

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