Xiaomi Launches a New Intelligent Extension

Nueva extensión inteligente de Xiaomi

Highlighting again with its innovative smart devices which have reinforced the recognized prestige of Xiaomi making it a leader not only in Smartphones and tablets but also in household goods, the company has now surprised us with the recent launch of the extension cable Mi with Wi-Fi, which includes a remote control that will use the Internet to access the profitable options incorporated in the strip, working with green technology. Fantastic, isn’t it?

What’s this new Xiaomi product for the home?

With three universal jacks and three USB ports, this innovative board synchronizes with the mobile phone’s Mi Home application via our home Wi-Fi network. In this way, you can check in a few seconds and each time you want, the consumption of electrical energy that is made with this one. In addition, it is also possible to switch it on and off remotely and even configure the timers, thanks to the control mentioned above.

Nueva extensión inteligente de Xiaomi

To ensure its quality and efficiency, it has been designed with a high quality phosphorus, bronze and tin plate of a single injection molded part that allows it to withstand temperatures up to 750 °C. It also includes surge, short-circuit and overload protection. And to make it even safer, it has special protective covers that close the plugs.

Nueva extensión inteligente de Xiaomi

The maximum charging power of the extension is 2500 watts total and the USB connections are approximately 15W. And for everyone’s joy, the latter will accept a fast charge of 5V / 2.1A.

This wonderful smart board that will strengthen our commitment to the environment, has a price of only 99 yuan, which would be about $15 approximately and is now officially available in all Mi stores in China. It is expected that in the coming months we will be able to find it in the online shops.

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