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Intel 3D Xpoint: DIMM format memory ledger planned for 2018

Until now, 3D-Xpoint memory technology has only been used for Intel optane SSDs, but now the manufacturer also wants to compete with classic RAM.

During the UBS Global Technology Conference, Intel announced that the 3D Xpoint memory will no longer be used for Optane SSDs only, but will also be integrated on DIMM format memory bars. The bars are to be launched on the market in the second quarter of 2018 – the manufacturer is thus naming a market launch date for the first time since the demonstration in January 2016.

The new memory bars are intended for use in servers and high-performance computers. The price is likely to be the same, but it’s unclear what performance is offered, because Intel has to achieve data throughputs comparable to those of DRAM chips. However, the manufacturer is optimistic and at the same time announces that production capacities are to be increased in order to meet demand.

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