A Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini doesn’t, but yes this other one

Samsung Galaxy S8 tres variantes

Samsung’s premium range generates a lot of excitement every year. With the Galaxy S7, he covered himself in glory and with the Galaxy S8, he bet on the infinite screen. Now it has to be surpassed with the Galaxy S9, which could be released before the Mobile World Congress 2018.

In this sector, leaks are very common, especially when it comes to the smartphones most expected. Many rumors point to a Galaxy S9 Mini, which would come to be a smaller and more affordable version. However, we believe that this will not be the case.

Samsung won’t launch a Galaxy S9 Mini, but something like that will.

If we take into account that they will mark prices that are not suitable for all pockets, it is not surprising that a variant of features that are narrower to be less expensive is also expected. The most widespread rumours are about screens like the S8 and S8+. That is, Infinity Display 5.8 and 6.2 inches for the S9 and S9+ respectively.

As we read in the Gizmochina portal, it seems that the company will begin mass production of the S9 and S9+ next month. The latest Weibo rumours are that the S9 Mini will accompany them, being a 4-inch model. But we think it’s most likely another model.

There is talk of an option of less than 5 inches, but it would still come with an Inifinity Display. Although the rumors about this terminal sound strong, we believe Samsung will not release a Galaxy S9 Mini, but something similar. The reason could be to compete against Apple’s possible iPhone SE 2 4-inch SE that Apple would release during the first quarter of 2018.

Specifically, we see it as more likely that instead of the Galaxy S9 Mini, it will be the Galaxy A3 of 2018. This terminal could be the first compact with Infinity Display, which would be less than 5 inches. We think it’s much more logical, as the South Korean giant didn’t bet on a Galaxy S7 Mini or a Galaxy S8 Mini. Of course, Samsung may also want to surprise next year. Do you think there’s gonna be a Galaxy S9 Mini or not?


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