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Galaxy S9: enhanced facial recognition, AKG headphones, audio jack and more new features

Galaxy S9 auriculares AKG

Samsung seems to be betting very hard next 2018 and rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S9 are getting louder and louder. One of the first rumours is that it will be launched much earlier than usual and seems to be getting stronger.

In addition to its early release in January next year, there are many more details about the new flagship that we are learning about and since we don’t want you to be halfway there, we’ll tell you everything we know after seeing its design filtered a few days ago. Rumors have it that the Galaxy S9 could be launched at the 2018 ESC what could mean one thing, leaving the launch of Galaxy X for the 2018 MWC.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will improve facial recognition

reconocimiento facial de Samsung no es seguro

The first rumor that sounds loud and clear is the improvement in facial recognition of Galaxy S9. Although Face ID is not perfect, it is much more complete and complete than Galaxy S8 and Samsung facial recognition, so improvements in this field are needed.

The Galaxy S9 will feature a rear fingerprint sensor with an improved location and advanced face recognition because the current one does not work in low light and is not able to recognize faces if the camera is too steep with respect to the face angle. In the Galaxy S9 your face can be recognized even when the phone is tilted.

Wireless AKG headphones and headphone jack

The second thing we know today are the new AKG headphones that will integrate the Galaxy S9 into the box. The Galaxy S8 already had an AKG headset in the pack but these were wired and not exactly AKG.

The Galaxy S8 included Samsung helmets tuned by AKG and were better than the average but not as good as some of AKG’s, that should be remembered. Now, the Galaxy S9 could come with a Bluetooth wireless headset signed by AKG but if AKG doesn’t have any of these in its catalog you would have to resort to a modified version of the Gear Icon X, everything makes a lot of sense.

In addition to that, it is rumored that the Galaxy S9 will not forgo the 3.5 mm headphone audio jack, which could also mean that there might be some AKG headphones wired back into the box, but a pretty good thing if it goes like this.

Significant improvement in camera anti-reflective lens

Galaxy S9 camara antirreflejos Weibo

In addition to this, in Weibo, information about a BBAR has just been filtered in the double rear camera of the Galaxy S9, an anti-reflective glass that is already included in other cameras and also in the glasses (the classic anti-reflective).

We don’t know why we talk about it, but it may be a crystal with a more advanced filter than usual that avoids glare of any kind and is able to improve the phantom effect in double camera lenses.

How do you feel about all the near-confirmed rumors we’ve brought you about the Galaxy S9? When the river sounds, water carries and it seems to have more and more flow. Is it true everything we told you about the Galaxy S9? I’m already looking forward to retiring my Galaxy S8 and replacing it with the Galaxy S9, I’m sure it will be a great smartphone.

Via | PhoneArena / SlashGear

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