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MediaTek Exec leaves the high-end processor range because of the Helium X30

MediaTek abandona gama alta

Chinese processor manufacturer MediaTek has failed to achieve success with its high-end processors compared to the large Qualcomm. The world’s second largest mobile processor manufacturer has realized that its high-end processor, the Helio X30, has only been mounted on a couple of smartphones.

Although the Helio X30 competed in specs with the Snapdragon 835, Exynos 8895, Apple A11 and Kirin 970, it did not achieve the expected impact. Only two mobile phones have this built-in processor, the Meizu Pro 7 Plus and the Elephone X8 Lite. This, of course, has had a great impact on the company and has led the manufacturer to change its strategy.

MediaTek does not rule out high-end chips, but will focus on mid-range

The Chinese manufacturer knows that the mobile processor market is very large but has realized that the Helio X30 has not worked as expected. Some of the reasons why the Helio X30 has not been allowed to fly freely are the high demands placed on a processor with a globally compatible modem.

The Helio X30 did not have all the bands supported worldwide and that made many manufacturers did not opt for this processor, which is why mobile phones carrying this SoC could not work well around the globe.

MediaTek Helio P23 P30

MediaTek Helio P is working.

On the other hand, while MediaTek takes a break from the high end, the new MediaTek Exec processors are working very well.

The Chinese company is focused on the production of Helio P models, large processors with very competitive specifications and much more affordable prices. The Helio P25 is mounting on a lot of mobile phones and now MediaTek is working hard to present the Helio P23 and the Helio P30 soon.

Perhaps the manufacturers’ drive to focus on midrange mobile phones has also led MediaTek to invest more resources in this range and not in others where the price and power of components is not so much looked at.

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