OneBot T4, Chinese electric bicycle with 30Km autonomy

Onebot t4

The Onebot T4 electric bicycle is one of the star products of the Chinese manufacturer OneBot, which already has in its arsenal with a wide range of bikes and electric skateboards of high quality, which dismantle the belief that everything manufactured in China is deficient compared to other products made in the West. Today I want to tell you about the characteristics of this electric bike, which has a folding design that is easy to transport and offers, among other things, an autonomy of up to 30 km. Similarly, if you are interested in Western-made electric bikes, you will be interested in the Brinke Independence, which we have already told you about.

Onebot t4

Easy folding design for storage

The Onebot T4 has a compact, foldable design, making it easy to carry and store in any corner of the home. Deployed, it has dimensions of 120.00 x 64.00 x 90.00 cm and has a weight of 14.2Kg. In addition, because it is made of an aluminium alloy frame, this bike is quite sturdy and durable. The wheels are 16 inches in both front and rear, both with built-in mudguards. Inflatable tyres are also shock-proof, slip-resistant and wear-resistant.

Onebot t4

Also, the Onebot T4 bike has a built-in horn and front light, which can be activated from two buttons located on the handlebars, where it also has a button to switch between electric and manual mode, over this is an indicator of battery status.

Power of 25Km/h and great autonomy

On the other hand, the Onebot T4 electric bike offers an acceptable performance thanks to its 250W motor. which provides a maximum speed of 25 km and with a lithium-ion battery of 7.8 mAh which gives an autonomy of 20 or 30 km, depending on the weight of the users, where it cannot exceed a maximum of 115 kg.

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