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Xiaomi Mi PTZ – a new Xiaomi camera for the Ninebot Plus

Xiaomi Mi PTZ

After Xiaomi has officially arrived in Spain, we have seen the presentation of quite interesting electronic devices. One of them was the razor presented recently. So with this invention, it was expected that the company would launch other products on the market. In this case we have the new My PTZ camera, specially designed for use on the Ninebot Plus electric scooter.

A couple of months ago we commented on the arrival of this alternative transport to Spain (discount included). In addition, we said that this equipment had several improvements compared to the first generation scooter. Among so many details, one of the main ones was the possibility of adding a camera to the device, which would be adjusted with the tool designed for this purpose. This is where the Xiaomi My PTZ comes in, a camera that has arrived with the following specifications.

Xiaomi Mi PTZ Ninebot Plus

First of all we have a camera that has a Full HD resolution of 1080p. It also features a 104-degree wide-angle lens, 3-axis optical image stabilizer (OIS), slow motion, time-lapse function and more. In addition, we found several angle options available for the device installation in the Ninebot Plus: 0,90,180 and 270 degrees respectively.

The Xiaomi My PTZ also supports the real-time transmission of images from your smartphone. Thanks to this option, you can view photos and videos using the mobile application. The images show that the device is performing well. And to tell you the truth, other transport devices with the same features of the Ninebot Plus do not integrate the possibility of attaching a camera to record all kinds of events.

Availability and price of the Xiaomi My PTZ

Ninebot Plus con la Xiaomi Mi PTZ

The price of this camera may be a hit because it would be an extra that not everyone would be willing to have. The cost of the Xiaomi My PTZ is 1,499 yuan, 195 euros at the current exchange rate. As for availability, you can get this product from this November 11 from the official website of the manufacturer.

If we compare this camera with other cameras from different manufacturers, we can see that the Xiaomi My PTZ is similar to the design of the Samsung Gear 360, although the Samsung equipment is created with very different features (hereafter you have its most important specifications). How did you feel about this release of Xioami?

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