Xiaomi launches a 4G WiFi router that will allow you to charge your mobile phone

Router Xiaomi 4G portable

There is no day when Xiaomi products are not presented, it seems to be a tradition already. A couple of days ago he was launching a razor and now, his new product will surprise many of you. This is a 4G wireless router that allows us to provide WiFi connection through a SIM with data, be it your 20 GB tariff or a SIM exclusively for mobile data. The router is capable of providing a WiFi connection of up to 150 mbps.

The great thing about this ZMI F885 4G router is that it has a large 10,000 mAh battery that will be able to provide up to 65 hours of WiFi network standby time to play, watch videos, surf the Internet, etc. And yes, the Xiaomi 4G WiFi router is able to keep up to 9 devices connected at once while stably and even charging your devices with the battery.

Nuevo router Xiaomi 4G

Router Xiaomi ZMI 4G portable, a bargain for 60 euros

The best thing about this router is that it comes with a laughing price, a price that doesn’t exceed 60 euros and makes it one of the best in its category. Those of us who have been using a 4G router for some time now know how limited the options on the market are or how little autonomy they offer.

The MF885 ZMI router offers a 3-day autonomy to connect your Android mobile, iPhone, iPad or laptop to the Internet in a viable way and with a very good connection stability. This router will allow you to connect your friends to your WiFi network or share your connection data with others without any problems. What’s more, the router can even charge your devices with Quick Charge 2.0 fast charge, so it will cost you little more than a portable battery of that capacity, but it will give you a lot more possibilities.

Bands compatible with the F855 ZMI router

In order to use this F885 4G ZMI router we need to use a nano-SIM and it will support 13 different frequencies of the TD-LTE, LTE and FDD bands compatible with practically all countries.

  • Frequencies FDD-LTE: B1-2100 / B3-1800 / B7-2600 MHZ
  • Frequencies TDD-LTE: B38 B39 B40 B41
  • Frequencies 3G o WCDMA: B1-2100 / B2-1900 / B5-850 / B8-900 MHZ

The summary of this is that it could be used in Spain with the 4G but that it would lack only one of the bands, the famous band 20 for the 4G of 800 MHz. This is not a big problem, here we tell you how it affects not to have this 4G band.

This powerful router has a great battery and that means that the charging time will be a little high, about 4.2 hours if charged at 18 W and up to 6.2 hours if charged at 10 W, all depends on the charger used to complete the charge. This router looks like a pass and GearBest has put it on flash offer for its launch, only $69.99.

Buy Xiaomi ZMI MF885 at Gearbest.com


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