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Facebook deletes the Mi Messenger Day feature, they will now be stories


Facebook has finally done it, after spreading the stories across all of its applications it has realized that the only ones that work well are the Instagram stories. Thanks to this Facebook has started a plan to unify them all and turn them into a single feature.

Now Mi Messenger Day disappears completely and will be replaced by Facebook stories (synchronized) and, in turn, Facebook stories can be synchronized with Instagram stories. That is, anything you add to Instagram can be published on all 3 platforms at the same time.

Historias Messenger

Mi Messenger Day, a show you never liked before

It’s true that Mi Messenger Day had some of the funniest features of Facebook stories, but this feature has never been liked by users.

Now, the stories will merge between the two platforms and no friends, family, etc. will miss your stories. The good thing about all this is that the synchronization will be reciprocal, you can post on Facebook and view it in Messenger or post it on Messenger and view it on Facebook.

It’s only a matter of time before the stories are synchronized between the 3 platforms although the function may stay that way for a long time because not everyone who uses Instagram has Facebook and vice versa but it is very common to have Facebook and Messenger because the function to use Messenger without Facebook is not known by everyone.

Facebook Camara

The funny thing about this change is that the Facebook camera application will be different in both applications, the Facebook camera will use augmented reality with masks, themes and effects while Messenger will focus on captions and text to invite your friends to hang out. This new feature can make users interact much more between both platforms.

Same function but different cameras and message management

All the answers to the Facebook and Messenger stories will now come to the Messenger version and not to Facebook, something that we find really useful because Facebook Direct was not something that liked it very much or that worked very well. Moreover, it was even difficult to respond to certain conversations. How do you like the new merger?

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