No, the Galaxy S9+ hasn’t filtered into Geekbench.

Geekbench 4

Last week some of the rumors were that the production of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ would start next December and if this is true it means that a lot of engineers are building prototypes of the phone and doing a lot of testing.

As for the tests there will be many internal ones but one of the most famous, Geekbench, exports its results to the network. Several rumors have claimed that the Galaxy S9+ has leaked into Geekbench with a Samsung Exynos 9810 processor and 4GB RAM affirming that the Galaxy S9 will also not jump to the new 6GB, a capacity that seems more standard. Personally, it seems to me that the jump to the 6 GB is absurd, but if you pay 900 euros for a mobile phone, you probably deserve it.

Geekbench Galaxy S9 fake

We’ve been lied to, this Galaxy S9+ is a fake.

However, although prototypes of the new flagships are often leaked into these networks, it must also be remembered that they are often falsified and, in fact, Geekbench is one of the most unreliable sources of rumours we know.

What’s more, the image processor identifier reveals a processor similar to that used in Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6, not the second Samsung Series 9 Exynos.

More errors that reveal the fake

Besides that error there are others that make us see that the supposed benchmark of the Galaxy S9+ is completely false:

  • Android 8.0 Oreo has been listed as Android 8.0 and this is not the real nomenclature, it should be listed as Android
  • A round of benchmarks like these have been listed in July, before Android 8.0 Oreo has been released.

Well, the processor identifier and Android Oreo’s unreal nomenclature are enough to distinguish between a real and a fake benchmark, because ordinary people see the image and believe that it is the Galaxy S9 being totally false.

As always, we remind you not to believe everything you see on the net, many times false information comes out as if it were the bomb when it is really a huge hoax. What does seem truer and more credible are the preliminary designs of the Galaxy S9 that point to a new design with a vertical dual camera and a fingerprint sensor in the back, right underneath the camera sensor and not next to it as in the Galaxy S8, a very uncomfortable position.

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