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Android OS: Oreo in step with its predecessors


In August, Google presented the final version of Android Oreo, and the Google Play Store is not yet home to too many smartphones with the latest version. A look at the figures for early November.

With 0.3 percent “market share” of active devices, Android 8.0 is currently at the very end of the ranking. Even the Gingerbread and Ice Cream sandwiches, which have now come into their own (6-7), were even more numerous in the first week of November. However, since the manufacturers have not yet equipped any models with an official upgrade apart from pixel and some Sony Xperia smartphones, the figures are not surprising. OnePlus, for example, will present its new 5T the day after tomorrow and according to reports, Android 7.1 Nougat will also be running on it at the start of sales. The OS of 2016 gains about three percent (20.6%) compared to the previous month. These, in turn, are due to losses of all other, still listed versions. All in all, Google’s annual promise to bring the latest OS faster to the users remains just that: promise. Both in November 2016 and 2015, nougat and marshmallow had the same share as Android Oreo now.


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