Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum for $17.99 within coupon

Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum destacada

Purchasing a new product is always fascinating, all the process we have to carry out to enjoy it is masterful, decide what we want, then try it and finally buy it. Every step is entertaining from start to finish, but would you like it to be much more exciting? There is a way for this to improve to such an extent that our heart will go into unemployment. Buying a new product at a discount makes it so irresistible that we simply can’t overlook an opportunity of this caliber and for this appointment we have all of the above said. The Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum is a thermos that comes with a dream discount along with a coupon that will make it come true.

Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum introducción


The Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum is presented to us with a design that at first glance we can assume who the manufacturer is, since the minimalist style of Xiaomi is recognizable anywhere. We all know the result, a product free of ornaments that saturate it, but in return the symmetry and elegance that radiates will fall in love with us from beginning to end. This thermo is made in 2 parts, one internal and one external, so we will go from the inside to the outside, inside this we will find a cylinder made of copper, which is resistant against shocks, falls, high and low temperatures. As for the outer part, this also has a cylindrical shape and is made of copper coated stainless steel 316L, which gives it not only great resistance against knocks and falls, now we add antioxidant to this formula.

Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum diseño

This thermos is available for this offer in 2 versions of colors, black and white, both enhance all the details of this product, but we must mention that in the personal aspect we would have liked to have more options. Returning back to your style, we have at the bottom with the name of the product written in silver for the white version, while for the black version this is in white. Just between the main body and the cover we place the logo of the product in red, gray or sky blue, this will depend on the main color. Another striking feature is that the cover is removable in its entirety, so it will be much easier to wash. Finally, it has dimensions of: 6.30 x 6.30 x 22.00 cm and a weight of: 0,304 kg, being light and comfortable to carry wherever we want.

Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum diseño


The Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum has several features that allow it to become a unique product in every way. Next we will break down the most outstanding ones:

  • We have an internal vacuum between the two cylinders, inside and outside, this avoids the transfer of temperature between them, thanks to this the temperature inside will not be felt outside no matter how hot or cold our drinking.
  • This thermos can keep the temperature of the drink for a long time, in case of this one above 60 degrees it will be maintained for about 6 hours, while in case of being at 5 degrees, the same one will last 6 hours.
Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum características

Where to buy it?

Currently we can buy the Xiaomi VIOMI Vacuum in Gearbest with an incredible discount, all we have to do is apply the following coupon (XMVOMU), so its final price will be just $17.99, in exchange would be €15.43. Like any offer, there is a time limit on this one, so we must hurry if we want to take advantage of it.

Buy Xiaomi VIOMI 460ml Vacuum at Gearbest.com for $17,99 use coupon XMVOMU

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