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Until now, the Oukitel K10000 Pro was considered to be a smartphone with the largest built-in rechargeable battery. Doogee recently released the BL7000, a smartphone with a large rechargeable battery, and now comes the successor, the Doogee BL12000, and yes, as the name suggests, it comes with a 12,000 mAh battery, currently the largest mobile phone battery in the world.

Design & Processing

Doogee doesn’t follow the trend of borderless smartphones here, they leave it to their new flagship, the Mix 2, instead we have relatively thick edges at the top and bottom of the screen. On the front side a 6 inch display is installed and fortunately a resolution of 2160 x 1080p is used, which results in a pixel density of 401 ppi. We also have a 2:1 aspect ratio, which made Samsung popular this year. The rear side is similar to the 7000 model and features two cameras centrally located at the top, followed by a fingerprint sensor. Below you can only find the Doogee logo.

If you use such a large battery, you can’t expect to have a thin smartphone like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 in your hands. Doogee indicates dimensions of 16.2 x 7.47 x 1.4 cm. That would make the mobile phone fat, but not as thick as I would have thought at first. If you take a look at the photos, I get the impression that there are still a few millimeters missing. Of course, the large battery pack not only makes the phone thicker, but also heavier. Officially, the net weight is 300 g, which makes the smartphone a real chunk. The Ulefone Power 2 with half the size of a battery packs just over 200 g on the scales.


It is clear that the battery life of such a smartphone is the most important thing. Accordingly, Doogee doesn’t use any other big guns when choosing the hardware. The MediaTek MT6750T is currently preferred in mid-range smartphones and delivers a completely adequate performance. The inner nerd would of course like to see a Snapdragon CPU or the Helio P25, but you would have to pay more. The CPU has 4 GB of memory and 32 Gigabyte internal memory, which can be expanded by up to 256 GB via microSD card.

The main focus of the Doogee BL12000 is of course the two built-in rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 6000 mAh each. This makes it the world’s largest battery in a smartphone to date – this is an announcement! If it should be empty at some point, it can be recharged with 12V 3A Fast Charge. With such a large battery capacity, however, even a quick charge takes some time.

Doogee BL12000 Smartphone Akku

The Dual Lens camera mentioned above must not be missing and is triggered by a 16 MP and a 13 MP sensor. A lens with a powerful aperture f/2.0 is built in for this purpose. The same front camera is also used in the Mix 2.

Doogee BL12000 Smartphone Schwarz


Doogee has really taken a fancy to the BL7000 and Doogee Mix 2 lately. With the BL12000, the manufacturer is clearly focusing on the people who complain about having to recharge their smartphones every day. But do you want to carry a rather thick smartphone in your pocket every day? I’m not sure, and this decision is up to everyone individually. I’m happy to see that they are using a relatively high-resolution display, that they are faithful to their design and try to find a good compromise between design and battery size. I like it better than the Oukitel K10000, but I think 12000 mAh is a bit exaggerated. How do you see that? Do you greet such large batteries or is the Doogee BL7000 enough for you? Please let us know in the comments area.

Technical specifications

Name Doogee BL12000
Display 6 inches (2160 x 1080p)
CPU MTK6750T 1.5 GHz (Octa-Core)
Rear camera 16MP + 13MP
Front camera 8MP + 16MP
Battery pack  12,000 mAh
Operating system Android 7.0

16.2 x 7.47 x 1.4 cm    

Weight 300 g
Features Fingerprint sensor, headphone jack, Dual SIM, OTG
Connectivity LTE Volume 1/3/7/8/20, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS


The Doogee BL12000 will be available on the market in mid-November in black and blue, with Android 7.0 Nougat on board, which will be upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo for December. And just in time for Christmas shopping, the Chinese company will also introduce Doogee BL12000 Pro.

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