Leagoo T5c: the first mobile phone to mount a Spreadtrum SC9853i chip

Leagoo T5c

Leagoo is another Chinese manufacturer that has taken off from the East with good devices. The Leagoo S8 Pro, for example, is one of those cheap terminals with excellent features. In addition to it, we found other mobile phones competing in the mid-market sector. To name them all would take a couple of hours. For this reason, we focus on the T5c, the company’s first terminal to have the SC9853i chip from Spreadtrum.

Already in the news corridors, it was reported that this Asian company was preparing to launch a device. But what we didn’t know was that this mobile phone wasn’t going to have a Qualcomm processor, nor was MediaTek. In this case, it was Spreadtrum who would be in charge of supplying the smartphone engine. So this time, the company has implemented the SC9853i model to the Leagoo T5C.

Features of the Spreadtrum SC9853i processor

Procesador Leagoo T5c

It is an eight-core chip operating at a frequency of 1.8 GHz. Intel has also helped develop the engine, with a 64-bit architecture and FinFET 14 nanometer technology, provided by the North American giant.

On the other hand, among the information emitted by Antutu, it has been commented that the Spreadtrum SC9853i is 39% more powerful than the MTK MT6750 of 28nm. The benchmarkings app has also pointed out that the single core performance of the SC9853i is 25% more efficient than the MT7650. And in terms of multi-core performance, Spreadtrum’s chip is 36% higher than MediaTek’s.

Specifications and price of Leagoo T5c

The Leagoo T5c will be equipped with a Sharp IPS Full HD 5.5-inch Sharp IPS Full HD display. Plus, it comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Its battery provided by LG is 3,000 mAh with fast charge 5V2A, and its photographic section will consist of double rear camera of 13 and 2 MP respectively, all this for the sum of 129.99 dollars, 111 euros approximately.

For more information, you can go to their official website where you can register to participate in a luxurious discount. What do you think about this device? Personally, this launch is a great challenge for both Leagoo and Spreadtrum, as the T5c could be a perfect springboard for both companies to grow in the market.

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