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Lyft, Uber’s rival, leaves the United States

Lyft expansion internacional

When it comes to chauffeur-driven vehicle services, Uber’s name may be the first name that comes to our minds. However, this giant has come out a very tough opponent to peel and we are going to hear about. This is Lyft, which is now beginning its international expansion.

This American company, which is also based in San Francisco, has managed to position itself as the preferred choice for users who contract this type of services for business issues. To date, it has focused on the United States, but the time has come to grow more.

Uber Care, Lyft begins its international expansion

Lyft has shown this intention through its official blog, where it has labeled Toronto as the first city of its expansion. For its landing in Canada, the company has published an open call for entries seeking something as important as professional drivers.

There is still no confirmation as to the exact date on which Lyft vehicles will begin transporting passengers on Canadian streets. But it seems that Uber’s competition has in its roadmap to begin its services outside the United States during the holiday season.

Lyft aplicacion

Lyft crece imparable

It is no coincidence that Lyft has chosen this moment to begin its international expansion. Just look at their figures for the last quarter to see that they are growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, he has managed to beat Uber at home, so it’s only logical that he is now looking to compete outside his own country.

As the Mashable portal states, this news comes shortly after Google Alphabet made a billion-dollar investment in the company. So now Lift is worth $11 billion. There is still some way to go to surpass Uber’s $70 billion, but it is undoubtedly heading in the right direction.

Uber, on the other hand, is not going through his sweetest moment. In September, their services were banned in London for this reason, and scandals such as this one have also plagued them. So now you are looking to improve your image and become more competitive.

Lyft vehiculo con conductor

That’s why we see novelties like paying for using your new credit card after your alliance with Visa and Barclays, or lowering its price by 80% when the driver is a robot. In any case, Lyft’s expansion will cause more movement in Uber. We’ll have to see if they’re right.

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